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Dairy, not soy, may provide cancer link

MagazineDecember 1996 (Vol. 7 Issue 9)Dairy, not soy, may provide cancer link

Just heard you on Woman's Hour and thought you might find the enclosed letter of interest

Just heard you on Woman's Hour and thought you might find the enclosed letter of interest. As a vegan myself I always had my doubts that soy was what kept breast cancer away, but doing away with dairy produce does make sense to me. Sara Starkey......

WDDTY replies: The enclosure is a letter to The Times from a woman who claims that the low incidence of breast cancer in Japan and China had to do with low consumption of dairy produce. She had always eaten liberal amounts of soy products, but suffered from breast cancer, which recurred five times over six years. The last time the cancer recurred she gave up dairy produce. Her secondary tumours disappeared and her illness has not recurred.

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