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December 1996 (Vol. 7 Issue 9)

MagazineDecember 1996 (Vol. 7 Issue 9)

This issue

FEATURE Something in the air

In Medical Monitor (September 4, 1996), Dr Richard Lawson recently recounted an unusual case of emotional illness

FEATURE Ect: kill or cure?

While ECT is traditionally viewed as a last resort in treatment, studies show that practitioners often opt for combined drug and ECT treatment as a first line for severely depressed patients

FEATURE Dairy, not soy, may provide cancer link

Just heard you on Woman's Hour and thought you might find the enclosed letter of interest

FEATURE Ect: not optional for all

If you're like me, you thought that shock treatment went out with lobotomies in the Fifties, something that these days more properly belongs in in the fiction of Sylvia Plath or films like One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

FEATURE Beta carotene: studies must take a wider view

Your leader in the September newsletter "Of Strokes and Smokers" about the beta carotene studies (WDDTY vol 7 no 6) bought up some important issues regarding orthodox research studies and their results


Heparin (the generic name for a range of drugs, including HepLok in the US, and PumpHep and Unihep in the UK) is an anticoagulant, often used as a "just in case" therapy if there is a danger of heart attack or stroke and to prevent blood clots afte

FEATURE Alternatives to ect

First of all establish whether you are suffering from depression or whether there is an underlying medical condition which is responsible for how you feel

FEATURE What is a safe dose?

Although the dose should be corrected according to the individual patient, often it is determined by habit rather than rational assessment (Br J Psych, 1992; 160: 621-37)

FEATURE Fluoride: its effect on the brain

I was particularly interested in your lead article this month about thyroid problems (vol 7 no 7)

FEATURE Electroshock therapy

Every year in Britain 20,000 people are on the receiving end of 100,000 treatments

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