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August 1996 (Vol. 7 Issue 5)

MagazineAugust 1996 (Vol. 7 Issue 5)

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FEATURE Childhood diabetes may be due to lifestyle

Childhood diabetes has doubled in the 12 years to 1994, pediatricians at a Cincinnati, Ohio hospital have reported

FEATURE Newborns to be tested for hiv

All newborn babies in the US are likely to be tested for HIV even though the test itself is not accurate, researchers have discovered

FEATURE Herbal cancer cure

I used to practise medicine using unorthodox approaches in Scottsdale, Arizona until I was set up by the authorities and lost my licence to practice there

FEATURE Radiotherapy

Up to 50 per cent of cancer patients will be treated with radiotherapy

FEATURE Is this impotence treatment safe?

Q:I am at the moment using a drug called prostaglandin E1 to help with erectile dysfunction in the form of an injection, which I administer directly into the shaft of the penis before intercourse

FEATURE Cancer: less is more

In the late 19th century, the response of surgeons to cancer was to cut away huge amounts of healthy tissue as an insurance policty that they had "got it all"

FEATURE Clots risk with vein operation

People who have operations to strip their varicose veins are at risk from suffering venous thromboembolism (vein blockage by a clot) after surgery, Swiss doctors warn

FEATURE Chemotherapy is also used to obtain remission

I am not altogether happy with your presentation of chemotherapy as a "just in case" measure, nor as a "palliative which ignores its terrible effects"

FEATURE Keep an open mind on all therapies

I have had very advanced cervical cancer suddenly diagnosed eight months ago

FEATURE Dexfenfluramine

Overweight people often dream about a magic bullet that will make them slim overnight

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