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Short takes

MagazineNovember 1995 (Vol. 6 Issue 8)Short takes

* Good hygiene procedures are no guarantee that contact lenses and their storage cases will remain free from contamination

* Good hygiene procedures are no guarantee that contact lenses and their storage cases will remain free from contamination. A small sample of patients at the Moorfields Eye Hospital, London, all suffering from infection, seemed to have looked after their lenses properly, doctors reported (BMJ, August 12, 1995).

* Medical opinion is divided over the use of NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) and paracetamol for the elderly. One suggestion that regular usage of 8 mg of paracetamol is a safer alternative has been attacked by several doctors. Writing in the BMJ, they point out that paracetamol can lead to anorexia, constipation and drowsiness. Doctors have also warned about the increased usage of mefenamic acid among the elderly. They report that it can cause colitis, and cases of kidney failure among patients using the drug have been rising steadily in the past 15 years (BMJ, August 5, 1995)

* A 20-year-old man given an MMR vaccination has become partially paralysed after suffering myelitis. They advise that antibody status should be checked before anyone is immunized, and only the required vaccine should be given (BMJ, August 12, 1995).

* A 74-year-old woman's Parkinson's symptoms worsened when she started taking the NSAID naproxen. She had been prescribed 250 mg three times a day to treat muscle pains. Her symptoms improved when the drug treatment was stopped (BMJ, August 12, 1995).


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