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Case study: Catarrh

About the author: 

I suffered extreme discomfort from catarrh as a child

I suffered extreme discomfort from catarrh as a child. I grew out of it as a teenager.

On giving up smoking four years ago, I noticed the regular presence of small amounts of catarrh and puffy eyes. This actually is a family trait I have inherited from both parents, and I felt that it would go, as the tobacco toxins left my body.In 1992 I began full time employment. One member of staff, though capable and caring, became an absolute thorn in my side. I literally wanted to shout, "Get out of my face" as she swamped me with helpful interference and endless fussing, every day, all day.

My sinus grew worse. My eyes were puffy all day. At work, the people constantly asked, "Are you upset? Have you been weeping?" I bravely left off the light makeup I normally favour, and felt even more demoralized. Every product I put near my eyes, even blusher, seemed to irritate shortly after applications. I tried over the counter remedies, but was no better. There was a constant sensation like hot rubber bands over my eyebrows or eyelids. My cheeks felt puffy and hot.

I consulted a medical herbalist. After a lengthy and helpful consultation, I left clutching eye drops, a sinus tonic and a list of endless good advice. I raised the head of my bed on two bricks, thus draining away congestion at night. Other tips included: cutting down the time the troublesome employee spent in my company (this was possibly a major contributory factor); eating fewer dairy foods and drinking lots more water; taking horse radish and ginger, which are excellent foods to cut down catarrh.

All of this plus extra positive self confidence and boosting of my selfesteem has meant that the treatment was most effective. My symptoms have now disappeared. A W, Cheshire.......

Yours is one of the best examples we've seen of how illness results from a complex combination of mental, emotional and physical factors, and that the best healers tackle the

problem from all angles.

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