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May 1995 (Vol. 6 Issue 2)

MagazineMay 1995 (Vol. 6 Issue 2)

This issue

FEATURE Looking after your bones

Joint replacement is recommended as a way of alleviating pain and improving mobility in sufferers of advanced osteoarthritis and osteoporosis

FEATURE Mri scans

Q:After an MRI scan for my neck I had an appalling claustrophobia (during it), with memory loss

FEATURE Starved like crazy

Until recently, the only available method of helping to balance the chemistry of the brain was through a variety of drugs, which tend to dampen emotional and mental activity with undesirable side effects

FEATURE Alzheimer's disease

Alzheimer's disease (AD) is one of the most misdiagnosed of modern diseases

FEATURE What is the daily dosage of ibuprofen?

In WDDTY Vol 5 no 8, in Drug of the Month, reference is made to the daily dosage of ibuprofen as reaching 3200g

FEATURE Deadly infections

Besides all the dangers only hinted at by the latest studies, perhaps the most potentially devastating is infection

FEATURE Case study: Catarrh

I suffered extreme discomfort from catarrh as a child

FEATURE Simvastatin has the same effect as lifestyle modifications

As a practice nurse, I was recently at a presentation of the 4S cholesterol study (WDDTY vol 5 no 10), which claimed to show that the drug could lower cholesterol and heart disease

FEATURE Medical meddlers

The medical meddlers are at it again

FEATURE MLD to treat Migraines

An unusual and practically unknown treatment of migraine is manual lymph drainage (MLD)

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