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Case study: The side effects of steroid drug combinations

MagazineMarch 1995 (Vol. 5 Issue 12)Case study: The side effects of steroid drug combinations

At age 29, I became seriously ill and was eventually diagnosed as suffering from asthma and a condition known as pulmonary eosinophilia

At age 29, I became seriously ill and was eventually diagnosed as suffering from asthma and a condition known as pulmonary eosinophilia.

It took me a whole year to convince doctors there was something wrong and after both a broncoscopy and broncogram, the specialist finally decided I needed to go to a chest hospital for a lung biopsy. Fortunately for me, I suffered a severe asthma attack and was admitted to the local hospital where they finally tested me again and discovered I had this condition of the blood.I am convinced that if I'd gone to the hospital and got cut open I would not have survived as my blood cells at the time were multiplying so rapidly.

The doctor then started me on a high dose of predisolone steroids, together with three types of daily inhalers. Initially I felt "better" as I could breathe easier.

After six years of treatment I was still suffering from asthma, plus the awful side effects of steroid treatment. I experienced circulation problems (several times my legs went blue and I suffered from cramps). My nails rotted and my hair started falling out and I turned a jaundiced yellow.

Eventually I had another bad asthma attack and had to contact my doctor in the middle of the night. He prescribed "relaxants" to calm me down and help me to sleep.

I then became very ill again and started having fits.

I since discovered that the pills I was given should never been prescribed on top of steroids and the two had interacted.

Luckily for me, my husband, who is very sensible, finally threw all the pills down the toilet and took away all the inhalers.

Eventually I consulted a registered homeopath and a yoga teacher.

After 18 months of using only homeopathy and yoga I no longer suffer from asthma, and my last blood test came back normal.

I am now 37 and enjoying a much better life. I no longer suffer constantly from disease, made worse by the side effects of modern medicine. L A B, Newhaven.


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