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Ventolin - Help of hinderence for bronchial constriction?

MagazineJune 1995 (Vol. 6 Issue 3)Ventolin - Help of hinderence for bronchial constriction?

I am back from a scary visit to my daughter


I am back from a scary visit to my daughter. She suffers from bronchial mucus with colds or if she eats gluten, but she has never had bronchial constriction.

I got a really anguished call from her recently and had to rush down to London, as some well-meaning, ignorant doctor gave her Ventolin.

She soon developed real asthma. At the hospital, they said it was not the worst possible case, but she was in a panic. After I sat up two nights with her, the poison slowly left her body, and an abdominal rash began to fade. I was glad to be able to show her from WDDTY that Ventolin often causes bronchial constriction the very thing it is supposed to help.

My daughter wisely declined the doctor's recommendations of more Ventolin and Becotide. A multi-allergy sufferer is really doubly in danger with these doctors.

We also found that the homeopathic remedy Ipecac temporarily worsened the problem, but the next day it was much better. My daughter has learned a lot. Christina McFarlane, Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne....

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