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The virtues of homeopathic vaccines

MagazineJune 1995 (Vol. 6 Issue 3)The virtues of homeopathic vaccines

Thank you for your article on homeopathic vaccines (nosodes) (WDDTY vol 5 no 11)


Thank you for your article on homeopathic vaccines (nosodes) (WDDTY vol 5 no 11). The world would be a healthier place if they had been used instead of modern immunizations.

A lady expecting her second baby was worried because she had not had German measles and at that time there was an epidemic. She asked whether a course of the nosode Rubella would prevent her catching the disease, since she didn't want to have the jab. I told her to take the homeopathic remedy Rubella 30 night and morning for five doses, and then another two doses at monthly intervals until the danger was past.

Two weeks after taking the first course of Rubella, she was tested again and proved positive. As she was sure she had not caught German measles between tests, this result must have been brought about by the nosode.

Kenneth C Derrick, author of Medicine Without Fears, treated several pregnant women who'd caught German measles at the dangerous time with the Rubella nosode, and their babies were all perfectly normal.

It is a great pity orthodox doctors will not recognize the value of the nosodes. Dr Dorothy Shepherd in her books mentions cases where children were protected at a boarding school during epidemics with the administration of the nosode. Only one child caught German measles before the nosode was given to the rest of the school. Mrs P V Williams, Verwood, Dorset.....

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