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Short takes

MagazineJuly 1995 (Vol. 6 Issue 4)Short takes

* Worries that the range of ulcer drugs could cause eye problems have been discounted by new research

* Worries that the range of ulcer drugs could cause eye problems have been discounted by new research. Researchers from Madrid University studied the medical records of 94,000 people taking one of the ulcer drugs including omeprazole, cimetidine, famotitidine, nizatidine and ranitidine and found that incidents of eye problems were no greater than would be expected among a similar-sized group who had never taken the drugs (The Lancet, April 22, 1995).

* People who are given new hearts in transplant operations often receive a diseased organ. One study of 50 recent operations discovered that 56 per cent of the hearts had vessel damage, and 29 per cent had abnormalities (Circulation, March 15, 1995).

* The controversial vitamin K treatment given to newborns to prevent bleeding is effective if given orally in 1 mg doses, German researchers have discovered. The treatment would have helped prevent three of the 10 cases of bleeding reported from clinics around the country in newborns aged from two to 12 weeks (BMJ, April 29, 1995).

* Grapefruit juice is a safe and inexpensive method of reducing the effect of the drug cyclosporin, given to transplant patients to reduce the risk of rejecting the organ. Other, expensive drugs are often given with cyclosporin, but researchers at the University of Florida Health Science Center have found that grapefruit juice is just as effective (The Lancet, April 15, 1995).

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