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Reducing your exposure to pesticides

MagazineJuly 1995 (Vol. 6 Issue 4)Reducing your exposure to pesticides

Eat organic food, including meat, whenever possible, especially when you are pregnant or conceiving

Eat organic food, including meat, whenever possible, especially when you are pregnant or conceiving. Organic crops usually contain no pesticide residues.

If you can't afford or don't have access to organic foods, purchase fruits and vegetables from reputable supermarket chains. Because the chains have strict monitoring and quality control with their farm-produce suppliers, their shelves generally contain food with lower levels of pesticide residues.Wash all fruits and vegetables, especially leaf vegetables and fruits, with skins that are eaten. Since washing removes only a small amount of pesticides, peeling is safer. However, even peeling won't remove all residues, since some find their way into the flesh of most fruits and vegetables.

Always filter your drinking water using a good water filter. Even better, drink bottled water which is produced by a reputable manufacturer.

Look for alternatives in pest control for your own use, such as your garden. A number of firms now produce organic pesticides with no chemicals. Use pesticides only when you are convinced they are absolutely necessary and then apply only enough chemical to do the job.

Carefully follow any instructions on the labels of pesticides you use. Store and apply all household and garden chemicals away from food, children and pets.

Write to your MP today demanding better pesticide-safety control (as this issue is currently under debate). Also demand that food labelling includes the chemicals used to produce the food.

Vote with your wallet. Insist on buying only pesticide-free foods. If enough people shout loudly, retailers will listen.



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