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September 2019 (Vol. 4 Issue 7)

Case study:Epilepsy

About the author: 

Case study:Epilepsy image

My son, Aiden, aged 6, suffers from benign rolandic epilepsy

My son, Aiden, aged 6, suffers from benign rolandic epilepsy. He was diagnosed after having an EEG and told that he would need to be put on the drug carbamazepine to control the fits.

As the seizures were occurring in the early hours of the morning when Aiden was at home, I didn't feel his condition warranted dangerous drugs being put into him for 10 years or so!I refused the treatment, much to my GP's disgust, and got in touch with a very experienced homeopath. The homeopath suggested three different Bach flower remedies, plus a homeopathic remedy for two days.

Peter, the homeopath, felt, as I did, that a big part of the problem was the teacher Aiden had at school, who would constantly bully him to make him excel at everything. This included shutting Aiden in a room on his own to work if his writing was not perfectly formed and screaming at him. Thankfully, the man in question has now left.

Aiden was having seizures roughly once a week prior to the homeopathic treatment. Since then, he has suffered a very small number of absences and no seizures.

I was sceptical when I first took Aiden to see Peter. I went against my doctor's advice only because I believed that I was doing the best for my son. We have a long way to go yet, but we have already kept my son's body free of harmful drugs for nine months longer than the medical profession would have. C H, Isles of Scilly......

Well, done, mum, for knowing best (to borrow the title of our sister publication). For our other readers: if you wish to try alternatives like homeopathy with epilepsy, make sure that your children are constantly monitored, in case seizures recur. Tell your GP you are seeking a second opinion (rather than telling him outright you are ignoring his advice) so that he cannot make your child a ward of the court and take the decision making away from you.

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Alternative treatments

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