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Case study: Nutritional treatment for whooping cough

MagazineFebruary 1995 (Vol. 5 Issue 11)Case study: Nutritional treatment for whooping cough

Last October my son developed an irritating dry cough which was becoming more prolonged and began to disturb his sleep

Last October my son developed an irritating dry cough which was becoming more prolonged and began to disturb his sleep. Four weeks later, when the coughing fits were becoming even more prolonged, and he began vomiting as well, he was eventually diagnosed as having whooping cough. My doctor prescribed a cough mixture and antibiotics. I voiced my concern over antibiotics and was told, in no uncertain terms, that they were absolutely necessary "in case" of secondary infection and that unless he took the prescribed medication, my son could be seriously ill.

Although James's his coughing fits were frightening, I decided to first try my way. I stayed with him 24 hours a day, sleeping in his room and giving him all the support he needed. I cut out all flours and milk because they encourage catarrh, so he lived on fruits, salads, vegetables and protein. All his meals were cooked by me from fresh foods. For carbohydrates he had potatoes or rice.Within a week his cough had subsided so much, the whoop had diminished and the sickness stopped that I actually doubted the diagnosis. As James's cough was so diminished, I offered him a couple of the jam tarts I'd made for my husband, which he ate. Within an hour the cough and whoop had returned and he was throwing up again.

James was quite ill again during the night, so I resolved to return him to his flour free, dairy free diet. Within a few days he was much improved again. The cough eventually disappeared.

James had not been vaccinated against whooping cough because his sister has petit mal epileptic fits. A TV programme about whooping cough featured a doctor who said that a well nourished single child had the best chance of recovering without any side effects.

I strongly feel that we need to learn more about nutrition and about the effect of eating too much sugar and junk foods. J P, Tring.

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