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Case study: juvenile chronic arthritis and diet

MagazineDecember 1995 (Vol. 6 Issue 9)Case study: juvenile chronic arthritis and diet

My daughter Clare is now 17, and two years ago she developed a very swollen and painful thumb joint

My daughter Clare is now 17, and two years ago she developed a very swollen and painful thumb joint. The doctor was mystified and sent her to an orthopedic surgeon, who eventually decided to operate with keyhole surgery, finding the joint lining very inflamed. Very soon afterwards, exactly the same thing happened with her knee, so that she had to stop all sport and was hobbling about very painfully. Again this was operated on with keyhole surgery, after which she was referred to a consultant rheumatologist. After a blood test, he diagnosed juvenile chronic arthritis, and prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs, which had little effect.

Soon afterwards, Clare's general health started to deteriorate. She never felt really well and had extended episodes of feeling completely listless, unable to do anything, often with a raised temperature. Having read about the connection between arthritis and diet, which the rheumatologist had dismissed, we eventully went to a nutrition therapist/allergy specialist. She found that Clare was intolerant of many substances, particularly to the antibiotics she had been on for three years to treat acne. We stopped these, and she was given bifidus, which immediately made her feel better, and put on a cleansing diet of plenty of vegetables, salads, rice and pulses, some fruit, chicken, fish and eggs. She also had to take a variety of supplements. Her general health improved almost instantly, and since then she has had no symptoms of arthritis at all, and looks and feels extremely well.She has also been seeing a homeopath, whose remedies are helping to get her right, and her acne has improved considerably, though this still needs a bit more time to clear completely. We understand that as long as she follows the advice given, there will be no recurrence of arthritis and no likelihood of her passing it on to her children.

She has been able to do all sports at school, including running and has completed two walks 50 miles over four days, carrying everything needed for survival.

It grieves me to think of other children suffering the pain of arthritis, not to mention the vast number of older people, when it is possible to cure it. A V, Norwich.....



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