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August 1995 (Vol. 6 Issue 5)

MagazineAugust 1995 (Vol. 6 Issue 5)

This issue

FEATURE Short takes

* Bad news for Hollywood wives

FEATURE The natural way to prevent prostate cancer

In the US, the National Academy of Sciences estimates that 40 per cent of men's cancers, especially prostate cancer, are affected by nutrition, so nutritional supplements can help to possibly treat and especially prevent the condition

FEATURE Iron supplements in pregnancy are unnecessary

May I comment on the the significance of the recently published study (in WDDTY Vol 6 no 1) that "routine iron supplements in pregnancy are unnecessary" and that a "striking association was seen between Hb levels in the blood and pre-term delivery as well as low birth weight: the higher the Hb blood level, the lower the birth weight and the higher the incidence of pre-term delivery"

FEATURE Case study: Risks of HRT

In December 1991, during a visit to my GP for a bad cold, my doctor thought at my age 45 I needed HRT

FEATURE What we're doing is right

When I read the medical literature, I wonder why on earth anybody bothers carrying out medical studies

FEATURE Doctors don't know it all

In view of the current (overdue) realization that doctors don't know it all and many are woefully ignorant of certain health matters, especially nutrition, perhaps you should amend the title of your publication to "What Doctors Don't Tell You, Even If They Knew it in the First Place" (WDDTYEITKIITFP)

FEATURE When aggressive treatment isn't necessary

How you treat prostate cancer should depend on two factors: your age and the stage of the disease

FEATURE A nutritional approach to Alzheimers

Re your article on Alzheimer's disease, I am so pleased that I have your backing

FEATURE The killer cure

Inaccurate screening tests and scalpel-happy surgeons could be inflating the real number of cases in this so-called epidemic and leaving many people worse off than before

FEATURE Vitamin k and cancer

Q:I read with interest one of your reader's letters regarding vitamin K

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