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April 1995 (Vol. 6 Issue 1)

MagazineApril 1995 (Vol. 6 Issue 1)

This issue

FEATURE Crazy about cholesterol

Just a few short months ago, cholesterol drugs were a dead duck

FEATURE Nutritional cures for dementia

WDDTY panelist Dr Melvyn Werbach believes that up to a fifth of all dementia in the elderly is reversible, and one large cause is malnutrition or malabsorption, or an inadequate amount of a number of nutrients

FEATURE The dental connection

We don't have enough research to lay the blame solely on any one cause of AD, including mercury amalgam fillings

FEATURE Desensitization

WDDTY vol 5 no 9 contains a question and answer about colitis and Crohn's disease

FEATURE Side effects of zocor for lowering cholesterol

I was very interested in your case study on Zocor for cholesterol

FEATURE Epilepsy

Q:Despite the fact that doctors have got me diagnosed as epileptic, I know I am not and that the underlying cause of my seizures is anti-convulsants

FEATURE Childhood ear ache

Middle ear ache (otitis media) is one of medicine's most common and overtreated conditions

FEATURE Reappraisal of HIV testing needed

Congratulations on your article on HIV testing (vol 5 no 4)

FEATURE The politics of sunlight

It is the consensus of medical opinion that the risks of skin cancer, including malignant melanoma, are increased by exposure to the

FEATURE Short takes

* People with thyroid problems may have built up natural immunity to hepatitis C, doctors have discovered

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