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March 1994 (Vol. 4 Issue 12)

MagazineMarch 1994 (Vol. 4 Issue 12)

This issue

FEATURE Alternatives for cold and flu

I am disgusted with Harald Gaier in his Alternatives column (vol 4 no 8) for recommending treatment that comes from the hearts and livers of ducks for colds and flu

FEATURE Lupus erythematosus

Q:I have systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) and would be interested to know of alternative therapy, if possible

FEATURE The proof or the pudding

Recently a letter in one of the medical journals caught my eye

FEATURE Dear readers:

Our two part series on HRT (WDDTY vol 4 nos 9 and 10) generated perhaps more mail than any other subject we've ever covered

FEATURE Inferior consent

At first sight, it may seem obvious that before being expected to agree to what amounts to an invasion of one's body in other fields, a criminal offence that patients should be given the fullest possible information available to allow them to reach a

FEATURE A word about chelation therapy

A word about chelation therapy (vol 4 no 9)

FEATURE Moclobemide

Moclobemide had its origins as an antituberculosis drug before being developed as an antidepressant, once it was discovered it could cause euphoria in tuberculosis patients

FEATURE Safer use of antipsychotic drugs

Make sure that your symptoms have not been caused by other drugs

FEATURE My wife and i recently spent two months in uganda.

We allowed ourselves to be given all the recommended inoculations against malaria

FEATURE The safety of inhaled steroids for asthma

A copy of your article "Choking on Medicine" (vol 4 nos 6 and 8) has recently been passed to me

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