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June 1994 (Vol. 5 Issue 3)

MagazineJune 1994 (Vol. 5 Issue 3)

This issue

FEATURE Druf of the month

Sodium valproate also known as valproic acid and marketed under the brand names Epilim, or Depakene or Depakote in the States is a drug used in the treatment of epilepsy and discussed as a possible treatment of autism (Ann Intern Med Feb 1, 1994)

FEATURE The 'sick brain' theory is correct

Thank you for your report on schizophrenia (WDDTY, vol 4 no 11)

FEATURE Drug secrecy

Drug companies enjoy greater secrecy under law than any other industry group

FEATURE Short takes

* Babies who are breast fed for more than a year do not suffer from ear infections

FEATURE The price of knowledge

The pharmaceutical industry argues that it would cost too much to be more open about the potential dangers of its products

FEATURE For love of helenor

Does a doctor know more about a child's wellbeing than her mother? Can an occasional examination allow him to see things that a mother can't? Does the doctor always know best?

FEATURE How to avoid being a guinea pig

Even though you cannot count on the drug companies and the government to keep you informed about drugs side effects, there are many ways to get round this problem

FEATURE Treating side effects of anti-malarial tablets

In answer to your request for suggestions for treating the side effects of anti-malaria tablets (WDDTY vol 4 no 11), I have some homeopathic options which may help

FEATURE Hairloss treatment

I have treated several cases of hair loss caused by anti-malaria tablets with Natrum Muriaticum


Your Alternatives column on the treatment of HIV/AIDS (vol 4 no 11) suggests success rates that are misleading

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