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Case study:Multi Allergy Vaccine

MagazineJanuary 1994 (Vol. 4 Issue 10)Case study:Multi Allergy Vaccine

I have been in poor health since 1971, and virtually bed ridden since 1981

I have been in poor health since 1971, and virtually bed ridden since 1981. Finally in 1985, when I saw Dr Jean Monro, it became clear that my problems were due to masked allergy.

Dr Monro commenced a programme of desensitization (multi allergy vaccine MAV), and my health improved considerably. This improvement continued until my circumstances changed and I could no longer afford treatment.I am nearly bed ridden again and am having great difficulty in looking after my 11 year old son, who is also allergic. Benjamin has been having MAV for nearly four years now and because of this, his school attendance has improved.

I have been unable to eat properly for about five months and I am losing weight rapidly. I cannot have people in the house since I react very badly even to normal toilet soap, which means I must refuse the usual support systems provided when a parent is chronically ill.

The effect of my condition on Benjamin has been horrific. He is becoming more ill and depressed and is falling badly behind with his education.

Hastings Health Authority is well aware of my chemical sensitivities since, on the recommendation of the director of Public Health, Hastings Borough Council funded work on my home to accommodate my allergies in 1988. Although they followed Dr Monro's recommendations to the letter, they refuse to fund further such treatment.

MAV is all that has ever helped me and without it, my son's life and my own will be totally destroyed, since he will definitely go into care. I honestly believe that if I were enabled to continue treatment on a regular basis, my health would steadily improve to the point where I could even contemplate paid employment Stephanie Hardwick, St Leonard's on Sea.

Readers and medical panel members: any suggestions or help of any kind for this poor woman and her son?

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