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September 1993 (Vol. 4 Issue 6)

MagazineSeptember 1993 (Vol. 4 Issue 6)

This issue

FEATURE Recent research

A study published at the beginning of the year by Federal scientists at the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases echoes earlier findings where immune system abnormalities were identified in ME sufferers

FEATURE Availability of alternative treatments for asthma

Harald Gaier's column (vol 4 no 4) on alternative treatments for asthma might lead readers to think they can buy Ephedra plant preparations in shops

FEATURE Case study: Caesarean section - The side effects

The last two and a half years have been a nightmare since I was given an epidural which didn't work properly for my elective caesarean section

FEATURE Cystitis

Romany medicine the system of healing used over centuries by gypsies has a range of therapies for cystitis

FEATURE Me-the latest theories

The greatest hurdle in treating ME is trying to figure out exactly what it is and how it differs from other illnesses of chronic fatigue

FEATURE Alternative therapies for Psoriasis

It is always good to see a re evaluation of the indiscriminate use of drug treatment for conditions such as psoriasis (WDDTY vol 4 no 3) and to look at other therapies such as diet

FEATURE Hypericum for nerves and pain relief

In vol 4 no 4, you report that 23 per cent of patients having epidurals had headaches afterwards

FEATURE Giving birth to junkies

In wealthy countries a majority of children are born with the use of pain relieving drugs

FEATURE The latest me treatments

Diet is the first area to pay attention to when ME is suspected

FEATURE Mri and nmr

Q:A friend of mine has suspected multiple sclerosis and has been advised by a specialist to have an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scan to confirm the diagnosis

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