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November 1993 (Vol. 4 Issue 8)

MagazineNovember 1993 (Vol. 4 Issue 8)

This issue

FEATURE Nutrition as a cure

Although the recent Chinese study into cancer has grabbed the headlines, many earlier tests had already pointed the way to a nutritional approach

FEATURE A recipe for cancer treatment

If you have cancer and would like to use a nutritional approach, either instead of or in tandem with conventional approaches:

FEATURE Viatmin therapy for skin disease

Your article on skin disease reminded me of Adelle Davis's book Let's Get Well published in 1966, in which she writes about vitamin therapy for many diseases, with substantial medical references

FEATURE Of errors and ennui

This month may have set a record for the number of extraordinary medical mistakes

FEATURE Healing a lost cause

We were inspired to make cancer the main theme of this issue of WDDTY by a miracle (or so conventional medicine would view it)

FEATURE Case study: Cervical abnormalities

I read with interest your articles about cervical cancer in young women

FEATURE Epilepsy and lamictal

Q:Our son Ian died last year

FEATURE Feingold diet for pityriasis

Re your piece on pityriasis (vol 4 no 5, Q & A)

FEATURE Proof of prevention

In order to see if supplementation with specific vitamins and minerals could lower cancer rates, a joint team from the US National Cancer Institute in Maryland and the Cancer Institute, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences in Beijing, People's Republic of China, gave 30,000 people in Linxian County in China aged between 40-69 one of four combinations of nutrients in doses roughly double the US Recommended Daily Allowance

FEATURE IBS - where to get alternative treatments

In the article on irritable bowel syndrome (vol 4 no1) Kathryn Marsden advises the taking of Biocidin, Paracidin liquid and Artemesia complex

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