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Why is long term breastfeeding wrong?

MagazineMay 1993 (Vol. 4 Issue 2)Why is long term breastfeeding wrong?

Upon reading your editorial about long term breastfeeding (vol 3 No 11) I felt compelled to write to you

Upon reading your editorial about long term breastfeeding (vol 3 No 11) I felt compelled to write to you. My experiences with health visitors, other mothers, and my own mother have taught me to keep silent. Life is too short to battle every day with blind prejudice. One health visitor told me to start my 12 week old baby on solids "a fromage frais would be good for her." Another told me to put mustard on my nipples to wean her "quickly and most effectively". When I suggested that this might dent her trust in me, I was told that was nonsense.

I am no rampant, must bare all my bosom extremist, but what incenses me is the positive fury that I seem to generate in other people. Other mothers at a Tumble Tots group actually tut tutted at me when I fed Tashy recently (she is a week short of 2 years old, as I write).This is a sad and sick world we live in when something so natural and rewarding for both parties is classed as child abuse. K F, Salisbury......

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