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July 2020 (Vol. 5 Issue 5)

Case study: Schizophrenia

About the author: 

Case study: Schizophrenia image

For 30 years I have suffered from paranoid schizophrenia

For 30 years I have suffered from paranoid schizophrenia. For 25 years I was treated with daily doses of neuroleptic drugs to control the symptoms. In February 1990 the tranquillizer treatment (Stelazine) was stopped suddenly because I had developed Parkinsonian side effects.

Since that time my health has seriously declined. I now suffer blackouts, I am unable to coordinate walking, I am unable to hold objects properly, I suffer painful eyes in certain daylight and artificial lighting, severe nausea and headaches. All the above is always brought on by any physical activity.In 1988, after suffering 40 acute exacerbations of the illness, I decided to seek help from a homoeopath.

Since March 198I have needed no treatment from neuroleptic drugs at all. Despite excessive stress, I have remained well and free from all symptoms.

Due to my involvement with the NSF (National Schizophrenic Fellows ), I coordinated a self help group called ""Thinkers".

During weekly meetings with the group, I paid close attention to the stories told by each member, and have formulated a theory about the possible causes of schizophrenia.

We had all suffered from some type of emotional injury, preceding the onset of the development of the illness, for which we felt responsible. It was as if each of us had inflicted the guilt and hurt upon ourselves.

On further observations of schizophrenia suffers, I noted the copious addition of salt to their food at meal times, which in some sufferers verged upon craving.

All the above suggested to me that there was indeed a common predisposition in schizophrenia sufferers. In homoeopathic terminology we would all have been observed to be natrium muriaticum constitutional types (Nat mur, ie, sodium chloride or common salt).

In The Unquiet Mind (1967)William Sargent describes his belief that the disturbance of sodium metabolism may occur in depression. "As it happened, doses of common salt seemingly assisted the first patient on whom I tried the treatment, and who had been in deep depression for months to a sudden and dramatic recovery." However, Sargent was unable to repeat this initial success with other patients.

But by giving the salt in a crude form to the depressed patients, it could have no effect as it would not have assisted the assimilation of the mineral and brought the patients' sodium/potassium levels into correct balance.

However, had he given the sodium chloride in a diluted homoeopathic form, I am certain the subsequent effect would have been seen and improvement followed.

Auditory hallucination, ie, hearing voices,which can cause much anguish to a suffer of schizophrenia,can be successfully treated with homoeopathy. Improvement will show with a single dose of Nat. Mur. 30c. J. W., Nottingham.

Thank you for your fascinating observations which support Keith Mumby's contention that much mental illness is a biochemical imbalance. Any similar experiences of patients or practitioners, particularly concerning sodium imbalance in schizophrenia? Please write in and tell us. Editor.

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