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July 1993 (Vol. 4 Issue 4)

MagazineJuly 1993 (Vol. 4 Issue 4)

This issue

FEATURE Psoriasis

Frustrated in its attempt to cure this puzzling complaint, medicine reaches for ever more potent concoctions from cancer drugs to those for organ transplants

FEATURE Hypnosis as a successful IBS treatment?

I was rather surprised at the article on IBS (WDDTY, Vol 4 No 1) because the author seemed totally unaware of the psychological literature on the subject and in particular the very successful use of hypnosis for the treatment of IBS

FEATURE Misuse of lithium for depression

I have just read the case study of Vol 4 No 1 about the misuse of lithium

FEATURE Schizophrenia and diet

Q:I was astounded to read your book review of Toxic Psychiatry by Peter Breggin (WDDTY Vol 4 No 1) which suggested that mental illness can be treated merely with counselling

FEATURE Chelation therapy for heart disease

The long overdue coverage you gave chelation therapy as an alternative to surgery for coronary artery disease (Vol 4 No 2) is only to be welcomed, but your attempts to play fair stretched the case for caution beyond just limits

FEATURE Medicine's array of treatments

These are the major conventional treatments, and their possible side effects

FEATURE Schizophrenia and diet

Q:In May 1989 I was diagnosed as having polycystic ovarian disease after many years of suffering hirsutism (excessive body hair) and very irregular periods and more recently premenstrual tension and painful periods

FEATURE Schizophrenia and diet

Q:There seems to be a popular belief that children can catch polio from swimming pools


Didronel PMO a combination of the drug etidronate and calcium is licensed specifically for the treatment of established vertebral osteoporosis, or serious bone thinning of the spine

FEATURE Giving birth over 30

The number of women giving birth over the age of 35 is steadily increasing

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