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January 2017 (Vol. 28 Issue 10)

This issue

FEATURE Low-impact exercises to help relieve sciatic pain

Your doctor or physiotherapist has likely blamed that sciatic pain in your leg on problems with your spine, but as Dr Mitchell Yass argues, your back is not the culprit.

FEATURE Are bacteria the secret cause of cancer?

People with cancer have a bacterial imbalance—and antibiotics can successfully kill tumors. So does all this herald a new way of understanding cancer?

FEATURE Is eating farmed fish any better than eating junk food?

Filled with healthy good fats, salmon is considered a healthy superfish. But with the new 'aquabusiness' mainly stocking the supermarkets with farmed fish, Cate Montana begs to differ.

FEATURE Mind-body techniques for treating an underactive thyroid

Marilyn Devonish suffered with extreme fatigue, memory loss and other thyroid-related problems—until she discovered the power of the mind-body connection

FEATURE Spiky ball exercises to prevent injuries and release muscle tension

Spiky balls are everywhere now in stores and fitness studios, but exactly what are they good for and how do they work? Charlotte Watts handles them with care.

FEATURE The optimum diet for strong teeth and gums

There is such a thing as an optimum diet for your teeth and gums. Dentist Steven Lin offers the basic rules of the 'Dental Diet,' plus a few deliciously healthy recipes.

FEATURE Top tips for a dog with separation anxiety

Holistic vet Rohini Sathish shares her top suggestions for a dog with separation anxiety

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