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October 2020 (Vol. 5 Issue 7)

Getting rid of mercury

About the author: 

Getting rid of mercury image

"I was very interested to read the answer from Patrick Kingsley about intestinal candida (WDDTY Vol 3 No

"I was very interested to read the answer from Patrick Kingsley about intestinal candida (WDDTY Vol 3 No. 1).

"He is quite correct that the mercury/amalgam filings must be removed under the protection of nutritional supplementation, removed in correct sequence and followed up by necessary chelation therapy."Ultra Detoxi [a vitamin supplement produced by Lamberts in Tunbridge Wells] is an effective capsule in helping to eliminate mercury from tissues, as is DMSA (dimercaptosuccinic acid), which is also used in capsule form.

"It is not essential to have the EDTA by intravenous drip, although this is an effective method.

"And during removal of the mercury/amalgam fillings it is important to protect the patient, the dentist and his assistant using the appropriate techniques. It is also important not to remove amalgam fillings in pregnant women or mothers who are breast feeding because of the danger of mercury vapour to the foetus or newly born child as passed through the placenta or into the breast milk." Tony Newbury, London.

Our panel members Jack Levenson and dentistTony Newbury wrote in with some exciting news about DMSA, a new chelating agent that you can take orally which rounds up and removes lead and mercury from the body. Tony Newbury referred us to clinical ecologist Dr. Alan Hibberd phD. Although the drug has recently been approved for use in the US, it is still in its testing stage here, where Dr Hibberd and others are conducting tests on numerous of their patients.

As a scientist, rather than a medical doctor, Dr Hibberd works in conjunction with a patient's doctor to discover if the patient has one of a number of external or internal environmental causes of candida. Here is what he has to say about DMSA and candida in general:

"DMSA is in its infancy in this country. The company that imports it will not make it available until there is more clinical data on it and it is approved, which could not happen for months.

"EDTA, which is also available orally, has been used to remove mercury build up for some years. The trouble with it is that it also removes some essential minerals such as zinc, calcium and iron, so its use must be carefully monitored and a patient's mineral levels restored after therapy has been finished.

"DMSA, on the other hand, has very little effect on any minerals other than lead and mercury. What DMSA does is to chemically 'wrap up' and bind into a complex the mercury embedded deep in tissues in a form that can be easily excreted.

"Although studies are still going on in my practice and others, the results thus far are encouraging. DMSA appears to offer protection from high toxicity when mercury amalgam fillings are being removed and to reduce chronic body mercury load, which mainly comes from amalgam fillings in the teeth.

"Not everyone needs to have their fillings removed or make use of detoxifying agents. To test for hypersensitivy to mercury, we conduct a provocative tests with DMSA, to test the release of mercury in the urine. If levels increase terrifically compared to levels before the administration of the DMSA, we have an indication that the person is carrying an excessively toxic load.

"We also find that various vitamins and minerals aid in chelating and disposing of mercury, including vitamin C, E, A and selenium. We also try to correct metabolic deficencies from chronic mercury exposure.

"Although nutritional requirements are highly individual, and everyone should be tested on an individual basis, as a very rough rule of thumb, an individual suffering from mercury overload might need 4 g a day initially of vitamin C, 200-300 mg (and sometimes more) of vitamin E, 100-150 mcg of selenium and 10,000 units of vitamin A.

"Please note that vitamin A levels must be monitored carefully and possibly reduced by half or more in early pregnancy.

"Of course, no one should embark upon a mercury detoxifying programme without consulting a trained practitioner."

"Just as an aside on candida, the many cases I've seen are multifactor problems, which include chronic candidiasis, nutritional deficiencies, made worse by toxic mercury overload, very often the presence of gut parasitic infections and hypersensitivity to mercury.

Among the gut parasitic infections, blastocystis hominis, which is neither a protozoa or a fungus, is the culprit in about 45 per cent of cases, causing gut damage, food allergies and digestive problems. Endolimax nana and dientamoebia fragilis are two parasites that are also implicated, as are, less frequently entamoebia coli, entamoebia histolytica and giardia lamblia. In cases where parasites are contributing to chronic candida, we have success by treating with a combination Chinese herbs artemesia annua and anti parasitic drugs like Flagyl or Fasigyn.

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Blood medicine

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Hair loss in women - possible causes

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