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October 2020 (Vol. 5 Issue 7)

Case study : antibiotics

About the author: 

Case study : antibiotics image

"I greatly appreciate your publication

"I greatly appreciate your publication. Would that such help had been available in 1978/79, when I received such massive doses of penicillin in Guernsey. In November of 1978 I called my doctor with a breast abscess. He gave me a bottle marked penicillin with capsules of thousands of units, not mgs the largest capsules I had ever seen. A month later I was in hospital for surgery, and by mid January 1979 I had a very sore throat.

"A strange doctor arrived and left a prescription as before. In total, I received four repeat prescriptions of this powerful penicillin. Several days later, in town for the first time in weeks, without one second's warning, my bowel exploded with great force and split the anus."Diarrhoea poured out daily, through an open anus for 10 years. I received no help or treatment from medicals, so I studied hard and turned to herbalism, diet, naturopathy, megavitamin therapy and biochemical products. It took exactly 10 years to achieve a healthy bowel and action. But I was still left with an open anus and an overrun of candida through my body.

"In January 1989 I had private surgery to repair the anus. Nylon cord was threaded through my anus, very unevenly, and tied in a knot at the back. The inside of my bowel is now working perfectly, but not the anus itself.

"All normal living and activities ceased in 1979. It is not possible to describe the pain (I cannot use pain killers), the mental and psychological anguish, the chronic exhaustion and I believe, candida and ME, and the cost.

"I have just read your review of Donald Gould's book asking 'what are doctors for?' I could write another book suggesting what to do with them! There are thousands of seriously damaged iatrogenic patients." A.M., Angus.

The most common unnecessary operations image

The most common unnecessary operations

Not all in the head image

Not all in the head

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