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MagazineMay 1990 (Vol. 1 Issue 2)Gallstones:

Gallstones is a subject that had a good airing earlier this year, so when a reader raised the problem again last week we knew we were going to be inundated

Gallstones is a subject that had a good airing earlier this year, so when a reader raised the problem again last week we knew we were going to be inundated. That indeed has proved to be the case, so here is a selection of your recommendations. Dr Hulda Clark's Liver Cleanse is recommended by one reader, while another suggests eating a diet of only apples for a day, while drinking tepid olive oil and lemon juice before going to bed. Afterwards lie on your right side with your right leg pulled up. One reader had great success with acupuncture on her chronically inflamed gall bladder - but she tried three acupuncturists before she found one who could 'read her energy'. Or try limonene, made up of essential oils of orange, lemon and tangerine, which can dissolve gallstones, according to Japanese studies. Another reader relates her family's saga with Quedra petra, a Brazilian herb that's known as 'stone breaker'. It's available as a loose tea, or as capsules or tea bags, from a company called Rio Health. After 18 months there's no discomfort and her husband, who has been drinking the tea, is back to a diet that includes chips, pizza and butter. One reader is using homeopathy to treat the pain from her gallstones - and she suggests a visit to a qualified homeopath to get the right remedy - and she also suggests a diet that includes pears, asparagus and apple cider vinegar, as they are all supportive of the liver and gallbladder. Daikon or Japanese radish is also supposed to be good, but our reader found it was unpalatable. Alternatively try walnut oil, says another reader. One reader recommends a seven-day programme. For the first five days keep to your normal diet, but drink only organic apple juice, which ideally should be extracted from apples with a juicer. On the sixth day continue with the apple juice until lunchtime, which will also be the last meal for a day-and-a-half. End the apple juice at 4pm and then switch to a freshly-squeezed citrus organic juice, such as oranges or grapefruit. At bedtime drink half a pint glass of the organic citrus fruit and organic extra virgin olive oil (half and half). Lie on your right side on the bed with your knees up to your chest, a position you should hold for half-an-hour. On the morning of the seventh day the gallstones will be flushed away, our reader assures us. Another reader, who suggests almost an identical therapy, points out the importance of checking for the cause, as they may recur. One reader advocates having surgery after she spent months in pain trying various remedies, none of which worked, but make sure the surgeon has regularly performed the operation. She's a lone voice. One reader suggests a liver and bowel cleanse, and a change of diet that eliminates fatty foods and refined carbohydrates. On the subject of diet, another reader suggests one that avoids nuts, onions, oranges, coffee, milk, sugars, pork, poultry, corn and eggs, and cut down on the alcohol. Those who favour herbal therapy recommend parsley, which should be boiled with onions or juniper berries.


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