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May 1990 (Vol. 1 Issue 2)

MagazineMay 1990 (Vol. 1 Issue 2)

Cover stories in the May 1990 issue:

This issue

FEATURE Abortion drugs:

We all know we live in worlds within worlds, and we can usually rely on medicine to exemplify the point

FEATURE Sciatica

You certainly know a great deal about sciatica, however, judging by your many suggestions of help

FEATURE Childhood seizures childhood seizures

Another reader's health query from a few issues back also continues to attract interest

FEATURE Sunshine and cancer:

Many may remember an e-news article (No 126) concerning a study which controversially concluded that sunshine could help skin cancers

FEATURE Iron deficiency in early infancy:

A reader's 27-month old son is suffering from some learning difficulties, following a serious iron deficiency in his earlier months

FEATURE Heart disease, part ii:

Talking about heart disease, it seems that you're much more likely to develop it if you also have chronic kidney disease

FEATURE Central post stroke pain (cpsp)

Those who have been diagnosed with this condition, also known as "thalamic syndrome", have usually suffered injury in the thalamus, the right hand side of the brain, following a stroke

FEATURE Head lice

A woman writes in to say that her 7-year-old son has head lice; as his hair is very short, it's easy to comb through


The decision last Friday by the FDA, America's drug regulator, to allow the COX-2 painkiller Vioxx back on the shelves after it had been voluntarily withdrawn by the manufacturer will surprise some

FEATURE Coeliac disease

Medicine has had bad news for coeliac disease sufferers for the longest time

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