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Tuning into your healing frequencies

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When Richard Gordon was 24, he was not in good health. He had irritating skin rashes, lung problems and intestinal issues that resisted treatment by regular doctors. “They basically said, ‘Nothing’s bad enough yet to treat. Why don’t you come back when you get worse, and we’ll see what we can do for you?” 

Feeling lost and rather insulted, he decided to attend a holistic health school in New Mexico, where he learned a technique called Polarity Therapy. Then he met the man who would change his life, an energy healer named Bob Rasmusson, who had created a healing modality called Regenesis. 

“When I first met him, I thought he was full of it, talking about healing a grapefruit-sized tumor and having a child’s fractured leg heal to the point he could walk that same day without a cast,” says Gordon. “But then he demonstrated on my girlfriend, who had scoliosis, to a group of about 30 people. We’re all sitting there looking at the big S-curve in her spine. Then he touched her hips, and the hips just rolled right back into alignment. My jaw hit the floor. After I picked it up, I apprenticed with him.”

Gordon worked for years with Rasmusson, and after Rasmusson retired, Gordon took over his practice, continuing to evolve and refine the process. Eventually, he got to the point where he didn’t even have to touch a client during a healing session. In 1996, he renamed the new technique Quantum Touch. Today there are thousands of practitioners in over 50 countries around the globe and several books on Quantum Touch printed in numerous languages.

“Most of the work is hands-on,” says Gordon. “You simply sandwich the part of the body that is suffering—the knee, the shoulder, the neck, whatever—between your hands, and use a breathing technique and body awareness to send healing energy to the damaged spot. In level-two Quantum Touch, we can work hands-off at any distance using the same breathing and body awareness exercise, but focusing the energy in the heart chakra and then projecting it from the heart chakra to where it is needed along with healing intention.”

Anecdotal healing stories abound. For example, London-based Quantum Touch practitioner Karina Grant learned the practice in 2005 after her father was diagnosed with multiple system atrophy (MSA), an aggressive neurodegenerative disease related to Parkinson’s disease. She googled energy healing, and Quantum Touch came up. She took a workshop and immediately started working on her dad. 

“One of the symptoms of this disease is that the person can be really hunched over,” says Grant. “After the workshop, he agreed to let me work on him. His spine started to straighten out after a while. Color came back into his face, going from gray back to rosy cheeks. Finally, one day he stood up tall and walked across the room with a bounce in his step. My mother turned to me and asked, ‘What are you learning to do?’ And I said, ‘I have no idea. I just went to this workshop.’ And she said, ‘Well, carry on!’”

After a few months of working on her father, he returned to his physician, who said they must have made a mistake with the earlier diagnosis. He did have Parkinson’s, but a mild form. “All of us were completely blown away,” she says. “It wasn’t until I went into practice and began working with other Parkinson’s clients that I realized just how miraculous his turnaround was and how much he escaped.”

Despite its apparent effectiveness, only one clinical study has been conducted on Quantum Touch so far. In 2017, the Energy Medicine Research Institute studied the effects of the practice on 41 adults suffering from chronic pain. At the end of the study, there was an average 67.4 percent reduction in both acute and chronic pain in patients experiencing various diseases, from arthritis to cancer.1 

The easiest and quickest healings tend to be on injuries. “I did my own study at the University of California, Santa Cruz on the men’s basketball team,” says Gordon. “I had the players fill out forms describing their conditions, how long they’d had the condition, how much pain they were in, the symptoms and so forth. I recorded the moment we started and finished every session and gave every form to the coach afterward so he could validate everything. What we saw was that in 100 sessions, the average session length was only 10 minutes because the guys wanted to get back on the court. And the average pain relief was 50 percent in both mean and median numbers.”

But how does it work?

Gordon points out that our body system is animated by the life force, an energy the Chinese have called chi, the Japanese, qi, and Indian yogis, prana. “Dr Beverly Rubik, a medical scientist, has found 70-odd words from different cultures to describe this animating current of life that flows through us,” Gordon says. “But because we’re not dealing with an electrical, chemical or mechanical kind of energy, because it’s a subtle energy, it’s not measurable with today’s equipment. That doesn’t keep the human body from utilizing it and making very dramatic changes that can be seen easily. But the energy and how it accesses those changes? That’s a great mystery.”

Gordon admits that he does not know how to heal a single cell—that he doesn’t know how to heal anything, even a cut finger. “It’s the body’s innate spiritual and physical intelligence that does the healing,” he says. “Yes, the processes of resonance and entrainment are involved. As a healer, you learn to create and hold a high vibration of energy, and then the person receiving the energy has to match your energy. You’re not coming down to match them; they’re coming up to match you. And it’s their body that is using the higher energy, using it to heal.”

Mindfulness meditation training has been shown to induce and sustain alpha wave patterns in the brain associated with calmness and reduced stress.2 Reduced stress, in turn, means lower production of the stress hormone cortisol, which is known to trigger weight gain, elevated blood pressure, mood swings, indigestion and fatigue.

Investigations in the field of social neuroscience using EEG mapping have revealed something called brain-to-brain synchrony between students and their teacher in a classroom.3 Researchers have also discovered that the brain activity of a person listening to a story gradually syncs up to mirror the brain patterns of the person telling the story.4

Studies at the HeartMath Institute in California have shown that the human heart’s “nervous system” affects the brain and that when two people are touching or standing close together, the electromagnetic energy/information being produced by one person’s heart transfers to the other person’s heart, causing changes in rhythm—even synchronizing heartbeats—and affecting their brainwave patterns.5 

“There are places in our consciousness where we are very fixed and linear, and I think there’s a deeper space where things are not so fixed, where objects, including human bodies, exist not just as particles but as waves,” says Henri Rand Furgiuele, MA, a Quantum Touch practitioner in Honolulu, Hawaii. 

“I believe Quantum Touch works at that place where there is wave/particle duality.” Wave/particle duality is a concept in quantum physics whereby every subatomic particle can be thought of as both a wave and a particle.

“Because very often when I’m offering the energy, people will say, ‘Oh, it made my bones feel like they turned to jelly for a second’ and then whatever we’ve been working on shifts. Or someone will say there is heat, even though there’s no physical increase in temperature from what I’m doing. I know people have trouble imagining someone giving them energy, but every time you think about someone, in essence, you’re sending them energy. Any time you have an emotion about someone, there’s an energetic link that has an effect.”

As for distance healing and how it works, questions abound, but there are theories. The primary explanation lies, again, in the arena of quantum physics with something called entanglement. Studies have demonstrated that when two particles, such as two electrons, bump into one another, they remain mysteriously linked forever after. 

Sophisticated measurements have shown that when the spin state of one particle is changed, that particle’s “friend”—no matter how far away it is, even millions of light-years away—changes its spin state instantaneously in response. 

This “spooky action at a distance,” as Albert Einstein described it, is thought to reveal what mystics have been saying for thousands of years—that everything in the universe is connected somehow, and information can travel between two points instantaneously.

Dawson Church, an energy healer and teacher of a modality called the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), has two more possible explanations for distance healing. “The early studies by Dr Robert Becker in the ’70s showed that regardless of the healing tradition, the primary brain waves induced in the brain of the healer and the person being healed during the healing encounter was 7.8 Hertz, which is the Schumann resonance of planet Earth.” (Schumann resonance is a low-frequency electromagnetic field generated in Earth’s upper atmosphere by lightning.) 

“If our brains are sensitive to that frequency and the healer entrains the healee at 7.8 Hertz, even though one is in California and the other is in Hawaii, why shouldn’t they interact with each other? They’re both entrained to the most predominant frequency of the planet, which could function as a carrier wave to transmit healing and intention between two people in different places.”

Another theory Church proposes  is based on field lines. Fast-moving solar winds blast past Earth at five million miles per hour, creating very complex geomagnetic field effects that fluctuate day to day. 

“The HeartMath Institute has been doing studies on this,” Church says. “In one study, they graphed the field line variations for 30 days. They also graphed the heart rate variability of one of their expert meditation practitioners over the same period. When they laid the person’s heart rate variability changes over a graph of Earth’s field line resonance changes for that same 30-day period, the two matched up perfectly.

“If I’m in California, synchronized with the field line resonances, that means I’m synchronized with everyone else who’s also synchronized with the field line resonances wherever they are on Earth’s surface. So now I have an intention, and it enters this web of synchrony. I’m proposing that this could be a mechanism for distance healing.”

Whatever mechanisms are involved, Quantum Touch seems to work. Clients can also learn self-created healing techniques that enable them to process emotional blocks and issues that are contributing to their physical conditions. 

“The wonderful thing about learning Quantum Touch is, whether you set up a practice or just use it for yourself, your family and your pets, people discover that they don’t need to outsource their health,” says Grant. “We can learn techniques to bring back that sense of autonomy and empowerment. I think it’s really important for people to know that there are things they can learn and do for themselves.”

A typical Quantum Touch session

In 2017, the Energy Medicine Research Institute studied the effects of Quantum Touch on 41 adults suffering from acute and chronic pain related to a variety of conditions including arthritis, cancer, fibromyalgia and Parkinson’s disease. After Quantum Touch therapy, the participants reported a 67.4 percent reduction in pain scores

Although much can be accomplished in an impromptu five- to ten-minute session, a proper in-depth Quantum Touch session averages from 45 minutes up to 75 minutes after there’s been a thorough intake conversation covering both physical and emotional components of a client’s presenting condition. Sessions are conducted with the client fully clothed and usually lying on a massage table. 

Both Gordon and Grant say that at the beginning, the healer might feel nothing in their hands. “Usually, it takes about five minutes before your hands start to really vibrate,” says Gordon. “After maybe 20 minutes, they’re vibrating like crazy because the client’s body is entraining to your vibrations and the energy is moving. At the end of the session, you might notice that the sensation in your hands has gone down to almost nothing because by the end, the client’s body is holding the energy, and there is not much difference between your vibration and theirs. That’s when you know you’re pretty much done. It’s not an intellectual thing. The body will tell you when to stop.”

Joanna, London

When Joanna Gregory, a resident of London, was 25, she visited her father in Spain. Although there had never been any physical or sexual abuse, she’d grown up feeling unsafe around him. “His life experience is rooted in the Holocaust era, so I know that there are genetic and emotional things he’s dealing with,” she says.

“But when I visited him, he was in a very angry space and feeling suicidal. He had bought a couple of kittens, and they happened to be infested with fleas. I stayed in the room where those kittens had been and was bitten from head to toe every night. It was terrible, but I was too afraid to tell my dad. When I got back to London, I had a huge panic attack. And then he called to tell me he had developed cancer. So, there was just this massive emotionally traumatic situation that occurred in my life.”

A couple of months later, she started to manifest strange symptoms. It started with clicking in one knee and then the other. Within a week, her entire body was burning. “It developed very, very quickly,” she says. “I had inflammation and severe pain all over. I couldn’t be touched anywhere because of the pain. I started to develop stiffness in my knees and in my hands, fingers, elbows and wrists. I couldn’t bend them anymore. My walking became limited, and I couldn’t use my hands properly. 

“Soon it was so bad that I couldn’t turn the pages of a book without pain. I couldn’t be a passenger in a car. Frankly, I was terrified. I had no idea what was happening, and I honestly thought that this was the end of my life, that I was going to be in a wheelchair.”

She saw seven doctors and specialists who sent her for numerous tests. She had a brain scan, a neck scan and a spinal scan. They put her on pain medications, but these made her feel so bad she stopped taking them. They gave her nine injections in the back of her neck, but these didn’t help either—nothing did. Eventually she was given the diagnosis of fibromyalgia. 

Around this time, her mother received an email containing an ad from Karina Grant for Quantum Touch. “Every day was like torture, and I was in a really desperate place with my health, so my mom mentioned the ad to me,” she says. 

“At the time, I was very skeptical. I didn’t know anything about energy healing, and I laughed it off. But the doctors could do nothing, and I was so desperate that I eventually agreed to go and try it.”

Her mother drove her to her appointment with Karina, and she could barely walk up the steps because of the pain and immobility. But she made it and was immediately reassured by Karina’s calm presence. 

“I lay down on her massage table, and she briefly explained the process. I didn’t understand any of it, but I lay there as she put her hands on my right knee. Immediately I started to experience all these physical sensations, an immense amount of heat was being generated, and I felt tingling. 

“I had no idea what was happening, and then suddenly—and this happened in both knees simultaneously—it felt like a bone or a bolt rotated and unlocked in each knee. It was such a strong force that even Karina kind of jumped back. ‘Wow!’ she said. ‘That was a strong motion!’ She was caught by surprise as well.”

By the end of the session, an hour had gone by. When Joanna sat up, she noticed that the pain in her knees was gone. “I started to move my knees, and I could move them like before any of this happened. I couldn’t really believe what was happening. It felt surreal. And then I went to leave the appointment, and I ran down the stairs. My mom was waiting for me in the car, and she drove me home. As soon as I got there, I put some music on and started dancing like a child. I couldn’t believe it!”

As she continued to see Karina, the symptoms kept dropping away. “On one occasion, I think it was the second or third appointment, my mom couldn’t take me to the session, so I decided to try a Skype appointment with her. I didn’t understand how healing can work long distance. But when she started working on my hands during that appointment, I immediately felt which hand she was working on. Within two or three days after that, my hands were back to normal.”

After about 10 sessions, Joanna says she was 100 percent back to her old self. “The only thing I had to continue to do was work on the underlying trauma,” she says. “But from a physical point of view, I had no symptoms ever again. Overall I was never the same person again.”

Since her remarkable healing, Joanna has been taking Quantum Touch classes to be able to continue to work on herself and help others. “I’m now a practitioner, but I haven’t set up my practice yet,” she says. “I just really wanted to learn it to be able to help myself and my family and work with some animals on a casual basis.”

Lauren, Philadelphia, PA

Lauren, now age 39, from Philadelphia, PA,  had severe scoliosis and had been going to doctors and chiropractors since she was 19. It was hard for her to sit for very long because of the pain. Clothes didn’t fit right because of the spinal curvature and the fact that the right side of her body and ribcage were torqued upward at an angle. “The doctors and chiropractors told me I was going to have to get treatments for the rest of my life and that I would always be like this,” she says. “I couldn’t expect any change, and there was never an option of getting better.”

Stumbling across a TV broadcast that featured an energy healer, she was intrigued. Her mother was sick with fibromyalgia, had back issues and was in constant pain as well. Perhaps there was a way they both could find relief from their debilitating conditions? After some time spent googling “energy healing,” she ran across a YouTube video of Richard Gordon. “He was in a park in some city, moving random people’s hip bones, and I was just amazed,” she says. “So I went to
his website and signed up for the closest course, which was with Henri in Virginia.”

She took the first level, hands-on Quantum Touch workshop, trading healing practice with the other students. Nothing happened at the workshop. But afterward, when she was driving and stopped at a light, she felt a powerful pain in her back. And then it lifted, and she felt great relief. At that point, she decided to take the next class, which was about healing without touch and healing at a distance. “Henri said, ‘This is where we get into moving bones,’ and I knew that’s what I was looking for. Since I hadn’t experienced any improvement with my scoliosis in the first workshop, she also promised to work on me herself.”

During the second workshop, Henri did, indeed, work on her. “I’d been on the table for maybe three or four minutes as she worked on my scoliosis, and all of a sudden, the craziest thing happened. People talk about being able to see things with the ‘third eye.’ Well, suddenly I could ‘see’ my spine. And as I watched it unravel, straighten and lengthen, I felt my spine unravel, untwist and grow taller. I could see it and feel it. And from that time on, I could do things I couldn’t do before. I could wear a sports bra and other clothes I couldn’t before. I could sit for long hours without pain.”

To date, Lauren says she is fully 80 percent better. She sometimes experiences different pains, but nothing near what she had experienced for most of her life. “Richard and Henri talk about us being our own healer,” she says. “I figure maybe there’s something else I need to figure out or learn about myself to heal the rest of the way. One of my ribs is a little bit out of place still. But if you could see the ‘before’ pictures, where my whole right side is much bigger than my left side, the change is just amazing.”

She has also been working on her mother with some success. “Sometimes she wakes up in the morning, and she can hardly move. She has horrible brain fog and is really depressed, and I’ll work on her for like three minutes. Then she gets up and has an okay regular day. She has layers and layers of issues. 

“Basically, I just keep asking her, ‘Where does it hurt?’ and work on that place until the pain migrates someplace else. I go there until that gets relief, and then I move to the next place. She has so many pains all over her body. But people see her today and say that compared to last year she is a totally different person.”



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