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March 2020 (Vol. 5 Issue 1)


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Mmr and autism image

FEATURE Mmr and autism

May 1990 (Vol. 1 Issue 2)

A new study has confirmed a definite causal link between the MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine and autism - and it has used the same data employed by an earlier study that governments have relied on to deny the link

Hiv image


May 1990 (Vol. 1 Issue 2)

One of the drug industry's holy grails is to discover an effective treatment for HIV/AIDS, and they've spent billions in the quest

Flatulence image

FEATURE Flatulence

May 1990 (Vol. 1 Issue 2)

A reader last time told us that she suffers from constant flatulence, which her doctor thinks may be associated with her vegetarian diet

Suffocating image

FEATURE Suffocating

May 1990 (Vol. 1 Issue 2) /

Air pollution is seriously affecting healthy lung development in our children

Yellow tongue image

FEATURE Yellow tongue

May 1990 (Vol. 1 Issue 2)

The Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) advocates among you have come to the aid of the reader last time who complained of yellow pinpoints all over her tongue

High blood pressure: image

FEATURE High blood pressure:

May 1990 (Vol. 1 Issue 2)

A naturopath from Australia writes in with detailed information on how to manage hypertension

Chronic back pain: image

FEATURE Chronic back pain:

May 1990 (Vol. 1 Issue 2)

More comments on this widespread problem

Take a breather image

FEATURE Take a breather

May 1990 (Vol. 1 Issue 2)

The Buteyko breathing technique may offer genuine hope to asthma sufferers, a new clinical trial has found

Dry eyes image

FEATURE Dry eyes

May 1990 (Vol. 1 Issue 2)

This woman has developed very dry eyes - she has difficulty opening them each morning and has to massage the lids to lubricate the eye

Controlling supplements: image

FEATURE Controlling supplements:

May 1990 (Vol. 1 Issue 2) /

Everyone has been paying such close attention to the EU's Food Supplements Directive (FSD), which came into force 10 days ago, that few are looking beyond that to the tsunami of legislation from Brussels that is following in its wake

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