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FEATURE End your child's fevers naturally

2013 (Vol. 24 Issue 7) /

The best way to deal with a child's fever is to go alongwith it, instead of cooling it down

FEATURE Death by aspirin

2009 (Vol. 20 Issue 1) /

Aspirin is the ultimate lifestyle drug, and is seen as one of our great allies in warding off heart disease

FEATURE Spinal tap

2004 (Vol. 15 Issue 3) /

What's it for? The human brain and spinal cord are surrounded by a watery fluid called cerebrospinal fluid (CSF)

FEATURE The hygiene hypothesis

2001 (Vol. 12 Issue 1) /

The epidemic of eczema, which affects one fifth of children, may be the fallout from our obsessive concern with keeping our children free of germs


2000 (Vol. 11 Issue 4)

An aspirin a day is supposed to keep the heart attack away, and without any nasty side effects

NEWS Easing the pain

May 1st 1998 /

Aspirin, codeine phosphate and paracetamol are such common over the counter painkillers (analgesics) that people take them almost without thinking

NEWS Children on diet of otc drugs

December 1st 1994 /

More than half of all three year olds in America are currently taking an over the counter (OTC) drug, even though some can cause serious side effects, especially if taken with prescribed drugs

FEATURE Short takes

1994 (Vol. 5 Issue 4) /

* Research has always linked Reye's syndrome a flu-like condition in the young which leads to nausea and vomiting to aspirin

FEATURE Case study:Measles and Diabetes

1992 (Vol. 3 Issue 9) /

My daughter, Jennifer, was vaccinated against measles at the age of approximately one year

NEWS Aspirin: no surprise there, then

April 1st 1990

Britain's drug watchdog, the Committee on Safety of Medicines, is finally recognising the dangers that aspirin represents to children

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