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NEWS UK government pays out lb60m damages for swine flu vaccine

March 3rd 2014

The UK government is paying out around lb1 million to each of 60 parents whose children have been permanently damaged by the swine flu vaccine

NEWS Swine flu vaccine does cause narcolepsy, researchers confirm

January 29th 2014

The swine flu (H1N1) vaccine definitely causes narcolepsy, the sleeping sickness, researchers have confirmed this week

NEWS Swine flu jab causes sleeping sickness in thousands of children

March 4th 2013

The swine flu vaccine-which was given to around 25 per cent of the population at the height of the scare in 2009-causes narcolepsy, or sudden daytime sleeping

FEATURE Major swine-flu vaccine causes sleeping disorder

September 2011 (Vol. 22 Issue 6)

A health alert has been issued for the world's major swine-flu vaccine-although it has already been given to 31 million people around the world

NEWS Major swine flu vaccine causes sleeping disorder

July 26th 2011

A major health alert has been issued on the world's major swine flu vaccine - although it has already been given to 31 million people around the world

NEWS ADHD amphetamines cause Parkinson's, new study discovers

March 9th 2011 /

Amphetamines are a routine treatment for narcolepsy and ADHD (attention deficit hyperactive disorder) - but the drugs can cause Parkinson's, the neurological disease, researchers have revealed this week

NEWS Swine flu vaccine causes sleeping disorder, regulators fear

August 25th 2010 /

The swine flu vaccine - rushed out to combat a pandemic that wasn't - causes narcolepsy, the sleeping disorder, drug agencies fear

NEWS Toxic solvent marketed in dietary supplement

March 1st 2001 /

Researchers have revealed that abuse of dietary supplements containing the toxic solvent 1,4-butanediol is on the rise, bringing an increased number of poisonings and even death

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