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NEWS Indigestion tablets nearly double the risk of stroke (so add that to heart attack, kidney disease and dementia)

November 30th 2016 /

Common heartburn medications you can buy at the pharmacy increase the chances of a stroke. The drugs, known as proton pump inhibitors, or PPIs, have already been found to raise the risk of a heart attack, kidney disease and dementia.

NEWS Cut out one red meat meal a week to reduce kidney failure risk

August 2nd 2016

If you’re eating red meat most days, think about cutting back—it could help lower your risk of kidney failure. Replacing even one weekly meal of meat with another protein, such as chicken or fish, will reduce your risk of ending up on dialysis.

NEWS Indigestion drugs double risk of chronic kidney disease

February 10th 2016

Indigestion drugs known as proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) are some of the most commonly used medications, and were thought to be relatively safe. But new research has discovered that they double the chances of developing chronic kidney disease.

NEWS MRI heavy metal contrast agent found in the brain

June 30th 2015

The contrast agents used for MRI scans leave heavy metals on the brain and in the kidneys, and are probably unsafe, a new study has found

NEWS Optimists twice as likely to have healthy hearts

January 12th 2015

Optimists are twice as likely to have healthy hearts

FEATURE Bigger than genes

December 2014 (Vol. 25 Issue 9) /

New work by scientists on epigenetics shows that the true master switch to your genes and your health is a little-known process called methylation

NEWS More bad news for anticoagulant Pradaxa

November 6th 2014

The bad news keeps mounting about the new anticoagulant Pradaxa (see WDDTY, September and October)

NEWS Phosphate preservatives in processed food cause heart disease, scientists confirm

May 7th 2014

Preservatives in processed food cause heart disease and high blood pressure, researchers have confirmed this week

FEATURE A change of heart

March 2014 (Vol. 24 Issue 12) /

What is high blood pressure? Medicine keeps moving the goalposts intrying to define unsafe levels, particularly now that the US has just raisedthe threshold for starting drug therapy

FEATURE Lowering blood pressure naturally

September 2012 (Vol. 23 Issue 6) /

High blood pressure (BP), or arterial hypertension, is a BP persistently over 140/90 mmHg; it's also a major risk factor for stroke, heart attack and heart failure, aneurysms, peripheral arterial disease and chronic kidney disease

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