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NEWS Elderly with low blood pressure still taking antihypertensive drugs

July 6th 2016

Most of the older people taking antihypertensive drugs for lowering blood pressure have hypotension, or blood pressure that is already dangerously low—which could explain the high rate of falls and dizzy spells the elderly suffer.

FEATURE How to mend a broken heart

2015 (Vol. 25 Issue 11) /

Many of the drugs prescribed for various forms of heart disease in fact worsen what they're trying to cure

FEATURE Opening your heart

2014 (Vol. 25 Issue 2) /

Episodes of angina can actually protect your heart from heart attack, and here are a few other remedies to help tip the balance in your favour, says Dr Harald GaierQI am 52 years old and have had a few episodes of pressure and pain in the centre of my che

FEATURE A change of heart

2014 (Vol. 24 Issue 12) /

What is high blood pressure? Medicine keeps moving the goalposts intrying to define unsafe levels, particularly now that the US has just raisedthe threshold for starting drug therapy

NEWS Routine drug before surgery has 'killed 800,000 patients'

January 27th 2014

Patients undergoing surgery are routinely given a beta-blocker in order to reduce stress on the heart-but the research that led to the adoption of the practice was falsified, and doctors reckon that 800,000 people have died as a result

FEATURE Pill-popping pets

2012 (Vol. 23 Issue 6) /

Not surprisingly, given their inappropriate diets and vaccination overkill, dogs and cats aren't very well these days

NEWS Blood pressure falls naturally as we age - without drugs

June 23rd 2011 /

Many over-65s are targeted for a drug to lower their blood pressure - but researchers have discovered that it naturally falls as we get older

FEATURE Blocking bug bites safely

2010 (Vol. 20 Issue 12) /

Whether you're holidaying at home or going abroad this summer, the chances are, you'll be stocking up on plenty of insect repellent to keep those biting bugs at bay

FEATURE Angiotensin-ii blockers: no better for your heart

2006 (Vol. 16 Issue 10) /

However, recent studies have uncovered some worrying problems with ARBs

FEATURE Angiotensin-ii blockers arbs vs ace inhibitors

2006 (Vol. 16 Issue 10) /

While ACE inhibitors have been definitively shown to prevent heart attacks and deaths, similar studies with ARBs have not shown this

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