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NEWS Med diet twice as effective as a statin in keeping heart patients alive

September 7th 2016 /

If you’ve got a heart condition, you’re twice as likely to stay alive by eating a Mediterranean diet—rich in fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, fish and oils—than taking a cholesterol-lowering statin drug.

FEATURE Painkillers: the 14-day time bomb

September 2016 (Vol. 27 Issue 6) /

Although these over-the-counter and prescription pills are the modern standby for every ache and pain, what Big Pharma hasn’t told you about the risks of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs could just kill you, as Celeste McGovern discovers

NEWS Fat or thin: it doesn’t make any difference when it comes to a heart attack

August 8th 2016

It doesn’t seem to matter if you’re fat or thin: your chances of a heart attack—and possibly dying from it—are about the same. But being overweight or obese does increase your chances of developing type 2 diabetes, a study of identical twins has discovered.

FEATURE A beautiful mind

August 2016 (Vol. 1 Issue 6) /

As one doctor discovered, many cases of low mood and depression are caused by a simple vitamin deficiency

FEATURE The good food guide to a healthy heart

August 2016 (Vol. 1 Issue 6) /

Counting calories—instead of focusing on the quality of the food we eat—won’t help us beat the epidemic of heart disease and diabetes, says a leading cardiologist

NEWS Taking painkillers for just 14 days increases heart attack risk

July 13th 2016

People taking an over-the-counter painkiller for even a few weeks are increasing their risk of heart attack and stroke—and they need to think twice before taking the medication at all, America’s drug regulator, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has warned in a new, stronger alert.

NEWS Omega-3s protect against a fatal heart attack

June 29th 2016 /

People with high levels of omega-3 fatty acids—either from fish or supplements—are less likely to suffer a fatal heart attack. Strangely, the fish oils don’t prevent a heart attack; they just increase your chances—by 10 per cent—that you won’t die from it.

NEWS Three supplements combine to stop world’s biggest killer

April 28th 2016 /

Heart disease, the world’s biggest killer, could be prevented by adding omega-3 fatty acids, cocoa flavanols and phytosterols from vegetable oils to our daily diet. Together, they counter atherosclerosis, a process where arteries fur up and close.

NEWS Who’d have thought? It’s thin people who are most likely to die from a heart attack

April 25th 2016 /

In a discovery that confounds current health advice, researchers have found that it’s thin people with a low BMI (body-mass index) who are more likely to die from a heart attack.

NEWS An apple a day keeps a fatal heart attack away (and works as well as a statin)

April 11th 2016 /

Just eating one apple a day could reduce your chances of a fatal heart attack by 60 per cent. It could even be as good as a statin drug for reducing cholesterol levels and an antihypertensive for bringing down your blood pressure.

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