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ConditionsConditionsFood allergy

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FEATURE Medicine in the raw

March 2016 (Vol. 1 Issue 1)

For 30 years, Alan Hunter suffered from an unsuspected food allergy that was reversed only when he discovered the healing effects of a raw-food diet. Here, Alan outlines how the diet can help a wide range of health problems

NEWS Chlorine in water could be major cause of food allergies

December 5th 2012

Most of us have a food allergy or intolerance-and the culprit could be the chemicals used to chlorinate the public water supply

NEWS New Chinese herb suppresses food allergies for 40 weeks

November 16th 2010

Food allergy may soon be a thing of the past - if a Chinese herbal formula turns out to be as beneficial as early test results are suggesting

NEWS If you think you have a food allergy, don't see your doctor

May 12th 2010

If you think you have a food allergy, don't go and see your doctor

FEATURE Chronic mouth ulcers

April 2009 (Vol. 20 Issue 1) /

Recurrent aphthous stoma-titis (RAS)-better known as 'mouth ulcers' or 'canker sores'-is an un-pleasant affliction that is charac-terized by the appearance of single

FEATURE Ulcerative Colitis

April 2009 (Vol. 20 Issue 1) /

Q) I've recently been diagnosed with ulcera-tive colitis

NEWS Allergies: 4 per cent of children have food allergy

December 4th 2008 /

Around 4 per cent of all children and adolescents suffer from a food allergy, and it's a problem that has grown by 20 per cent in the past decade

NEWS Exercise-Induced Asthma: It may be a food allergy

January 24th 2008

Exercise-induced asthma (EIA) may be an anaphylactic reaction to a food rather than a response to physical activity

SITE EXCLUSIVE Natural Pet Foods

June 5th 2007 /

Is there a healthy feed for our four-legged friends?

FEATURE Food allergy and asthma

June 2007 (Vol. 18 Issue 3) /

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