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FEATURE Killer Weed

2017 (Vol. 27 Issue 11)

Aromatherapist Andrea Butje offers her favourite recipes to eliminate pain of all varieties

FEATURE Onion oil remedy for earache

1998 (Vol. 9 Issue 1) /

When you write of your children's ailments over Christmas, there is a wonderful remedy for most of children's ear aches

FEATURE Holiday healers

1998 (Vol. 8 Issue 12)

This year, we had, it must be said, the Christmas from hell

FEATURE Dietary appraoch to Epilepsy is useful

1995 (Vol. 6 Issue 3)

Re your articles in vol 5 no 12 about childhood earache and the epilepsy caused by gluten intolerance:

NEWS Careless veggies contract tb

April 1st 1995

Vegetarians who are careless about their diet are more likely to develop tuberculosis than meat and fish eaters, new research indicates

FEATURE Antibiotics don't help earaches

1993 (Vol. 4 Issue 9) /

Antibiotics are largely ineffective in treating recurring ear infection in children, according to an analysis of 33 studies looking at this method of treatment

NEWS Ear ache: no antibiotics

March 1st 1992

Two independent studies provide a further nail in the coffin to treatment of childhood earache with antibiotics

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