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FEATURE Backache: the hidden link with hysterectomy

December 2016 (Vol. 1 Issue 10)

Back pain is epidemic, particularly among women, and so is hysterectomy. Cate Montana connects the dots

FEATURE Natural vs. medical Berberine vs. metformin for type 2 diabetes

November 2016 (Vol. 1 Issue 9) /

Can an herbal compound work just as well as the world’s top blood-sugar-lowering pill? Joanna Evans investigates

FEATURE Dealing with overwhelm

September 2016 (Vol. 1 Issue 7) /

If you’re struggling to cope with the demands of your life, instead of reaching for the Valium, try these six solid stress-busters

FEATURE Hysterectomy`s dirty little secret: Back Pain

December 2015 (Vol. 26 Issue 9)

There`s no question that our backs have become the parts of our body most likely to malfunction. Back pain is now a global epidemic and the second most common reason why people visit the doctor. It`s been called an epidemic even by government organizations like the Department of Environmental Safety, Sustainability & Risk at the University of Maryland.

NEWS Parkinson's disease starts in the gut

June 25th 2015

Parkinson's is a degenerative disease associated with the brain-but breakthrough research has discovered it begins in the gut

NEWS Autism is linked to gut problems (so sorry, Andy Wakefield)

April 14th 2015

As much as the medical community likes to discredit Andrew Wakefield for his theory about the MMR link to autism, research keeps supporting his central argument: autism is somehow related to the gut

FEATURE Tube disruptions

August 2014 (Vol. 25 Issue 5)

Sterilization is supposed to be a simple procedure with no side-effects, but after Janine Brockway suffered 36 symptoms, she realized she was just another patient with PTLS, a problem doctors still deny existsAfter having had two children by C-section-and with another on the way-Janine Brockway decided her family was complete, so she sat down with the doctor to discuss sterilization

NEWS You read it here first#2: Major connection between gut problems and autism

May 2nd 2014

Last month's WDDTY carried a feature withthe headline: 'Autism: It's all in the gut'

NEWS Wakefield was right, autism is linked to gut problems

November 11th 2013

As the discredited Andrew Wakefield observed years ago, children with autism are far more likely to suffer gastro-intestinal (GI) problems such as constipation, diarrhea and food sensitivities

FEATURE When it's not Candida

May 2013 (Vol. 24 Issue 2) /

A bad gut isn't always sign of a Candida overgrowth, as Dr Harald Gaier uncovers

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