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NEWS Alzheimer’s now the biggest killer of women

November 16th 2016

Alzheimer’s disease and dementia have replaced heart problems as the major killer in the UK—at least for women. A similar pattern has been seen in the US, too, where the rate of coronary heart disease has fallen by 20 per cent since the 1980s.

NEWS One in six breast cancers don’t have lumps

November 9th 2016

One in six women who have breast cancer don’t have the typical tell-tale symptom of a lump. Instead, around 17 per cent of breast cancers have other warning signs, such as pain, skin abnormalities, or an infected or inflamed breast.

FEATURE Killing cancer by cleaning house

November 2016 (Vol. 27 Issue 8) /

A faulty housekeeping system in our cells may lie at the root of all cancers, argues noted health freedom advocate Ty Bollinger—and here’s how to fix it.

FEATURE New dangers of The Pill

October 2016 (Vol. 27 Issue 7) /

A half-century on, the birth-control pill is still plagued by a host of nasty and sometimes deadly side-effects. Celeste McGovern finds a growing movement of defiant young women who are turning to natural alternatives.

NEWS Chemo killing up to half of cancer patients in first month

September 7th 2016

Chemotherapy is killing up to half of all breast and lung cancer patients within the first month of treatment—although the drug is never cited as the cause of death, the first-ever study into the lethal effects of the drug has discovered.

NEWS Common virus could increase cancer risk

September 5th 2016

The Epstein-Barr virus—one of the most common infections in the world—seems to increase the risk for several cancers, including breast cancer. The virus changes cells in the breast that could lead to cancer decades later, scientists surmise.

NEWS HRT can triple breast cancer risk

August 24th 2016

If you’re suffering through the menopause, think twice before you turn to HRT (hormone replacement therapy): it really does increase your risk of breast cancer. Women who take it for a long time triple their risk, a major new study has discovered.

FEATURE Bad-mouthing

May 2016 (Vol. 1 Issue 3) /

Evidence increasingly shows that bad teeth and gums may be a major cause of a number of diseases—from heart disease and diabetes to cancer

NEWS Healthy diet protects older women from deadly breast cancer

April 20th 2016

Older women who follow a low-fat diet—eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables—dramatically reduce their chances of getting deadly breast cancer. Even if they do develop the disease, they’re far more likely to survive it.

NEWS Omega-3s lower breast cancer risk in post-menopausal women

March 3rd 2016

Post-menopausal women can lower their risk of breast cancer by taking omega-3 fatty acid supplements. Their anti-inflammatory properties are as powerful as drugs, new research has found.

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