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FEATURE Space age healing in your pocket

2016 (Vol. 27 Issue 5)

This handheld device, created by the Soviets to heal cosmonauts while in space, is creating a revolution in pain treatment here on Earth. Cate Montana investigates

NEWS Beta-blockers don't save lives after heart attack

November 13th 2014 /

Beta-blockers are standard treatment for heart attack survivors, and have been for more than 25 years-but they don't help the patientlive longer

NEWS Energy drinks causing sudden heart attack deaths

September 9th 2014

Energy drinks should come with a health warning

NEWS Heart patients not told stents aren't a life-saver

June 25th 2014

Doctors have a legal responsiblity to seek true informed consent from the patient, although most pay lip service to their responsibilities-but researchers say it's vital when it comes to heart surgery

FEATURE Angina treatment without drugs

2012 (Vol. 22 Issue 11) /

If you suffer from angina-in other words, chest pain due to a lack of oxygen to the heart-there's a long list of drugs available to treat it, ranging from aspirin to beta-blockers and statins

NEWS Routine hospital treatment causes heart attacks

November 3rd 2011

A standard treatment for heart problems and chest pains - which has been used in hospitals for 144 years - causes heart attacks, researchers have discovered this week

NEWS Major drug causes skin lesions, and even life-threatening blood disorder

October 14th 2009 /

One of the world's most widely used drugs can cause skin lesions, and may even lead to a life-threatening reduction in blood platelets, researchers have discovered

NEWS Heart: ECGs are useless at predicting an attack, even when you have angina

November 27th 2008

The electrocardiogram (ECG) machine is almost useless at predicting a future heart attack, even among patients who already complain of angina and chest pains

NEWS Heart attack: What can happen to you 12 months later

June 26th 2008

There's one thing that may very well happen to you if you suffer a heart attack, and it's something doctors almost never warn you about

NEWS Surgery: Heart problems not helped by drugs

June 28th 2007 /

Around 1 million people suffer heart complications, such as heart attack, angina and heart failure, every year after surgery

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