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NEWS Drugs trigger the most fatal allergic reactions

October 2nd 2014 /

Think of death from an extreme allergic reaction, or anaphylactic shock, and you probably think of nuts or even bee stings

NEWS Nut Allergy: The 4 golden rules to avoid a life-threatening attack

August 16th 2007

If you have a nut allergy, there are four major things you need to do if you are to avoid a serious - and possibly fatal - reaction, especially if you are not eating at home

FEATURE Was ranitidine the cause of anaphylactic shock?

January 2004 (Vol. 14 Issue 10)

Your article entitled 'Did steroids cause asthma?' (WDDTY vol 14 no 6) was very interesting

FEATURE Kiss me quick (but i might pass out)

January 2003 (Vol. 13 Issue 10)

Kissing is a perilous business

NEWS Latex allergy becoming more common

November 1st 1997 /

An estimated one third of those regularly exposed to latex commonly used in medicine for surgical gloves, urinary catheters, etc develop severe latex allergies

NEWS Skin drug "premature"

May 1st 1991

Three American doctors have accused Sandoz Pharmaceuticals of premature promotion of the use of cyclosporine-A for psoriasis, which is outside the drug's established indication as an immunosuppressant for organ transplants

NEWS Type i diabetes: we think it's preventable, but how?

April 1st 1990 /

Although type II diabetes grabs the headlines, type I has quietly reached epidemic levels

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