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FEATURE Keep him on his toes

2017 (Vol. 28 Issue 2) /

Holistic vet Rohini Sathish shares her top tips for keeping dogs healthy into old age

NEWS Standard osteoporosis drug is making bones weaker

March 1st 2017 /

The standard drugs for osteoporosis are making bones weaker. Bisphosphonates are routinely given to the elderly and to cancer patients to help protect bones—but new research has discovered they are increasing the risks of a fracture.

FEATURE Rebuild your immune system at any age

2016 (Vol. 27 Issue 9) /

The body’s first line of defence is the immune system, which wears out as we age. Noted integrated physician Rajendra Sharma explains how to rebuild the wall

FEATURE Regrow your brain at any age - Stopping brain drain

2016 (Vol. 27 Issue 8) /

Cognitive decline is not an inevitable part of ageing. Your brain can renew itself at any age, as noted psychologist Brant Cortright reports.

FEATURE Killing cancer by cleaning house

2016 (Vol. 27 Issue 8) /

A faulty housekeeping system in our cells may lie at the root of all cancers, argues noted health freedom advocate Ty Bollinger—and here’s how to fix it.

NEWS Turn that light off to slow effects of ageing

July 22nd 2016 /

Artificial light in our homes and offices could be an unsuspected cause of diseases ‘of ageing’—such as osteoporosis and muscle loss—that affect our ability to stand and walk. The good news is that the symptoms can be reversed if we spend more time with the lights off when it gets dark.

NEWS Pomegranates ‘reverse the ageing process’

July 13th 2016 /

It was one of the fruits of the gods for the Ancient Greeks—and scientists are agreeing with them. Pomegranates have the “amazing effect” of reversing the ageing process by helping cells recycle themselves, they have discovered.

NEWS Broccoli could fight eyesight loss in the elderly

July 11th 2016 /

Broccoli is already being tested as a cancer fighter—and now researchers think it could also combat age-related macular degeneration (AMD), the most common cause of eyesight loss in the elderly.

NEWS Go to church and you’ll live longer

May 18th 2016 /

People who attend church more than once a week seem to live longer. Regular worshippers reduce their risk of an early death, especially from heart disease or cancer, researchers say.

NEWS Long-term vegetarians live the longest, says study

May 9th 2016 /

Who’s going to live the longest? Those with the best chance of a long life are vegetarians who have followed the diet for 17 years, while people who eat red and processed meat every day could have the shortest life-span, new analysis suggests.

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