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FEATURE Good point

April 2017 (Vol. 28 Issue 1) /

Peripheral neuropathy is a condition that really takes you to the edge,” said Maira Silva, a scientist based in London who suffered for more than a year with round-the-clock pain she likened to being repeatedly electrocuted.

FEATURE Signs and symptoms

April 2006 (Vol. 17 Issue 1)

* Acidosisdrowsinessfrequent sighingincreased heartbeatrestlessnesscold sweatsdry skin & mouthhard stoolsdiminished urinationexcessive perspirationsticky, sour taste in mouthbad breath

FEATURE Maintaining a healthy acid-alkali balance

April 2006 (Vol. 17 Issue 1) /

Suspect acidity if you:* take excessive strenuous exercise, which causes lactic acid to accumulate in the blood* are diabetic, which tends to cause acidosis through loss of potassium, sodium and ketones in the urine* suffer from chronic diarrhoea, which can cause acidosis* have kidney problems, which can also cause acidosis (Kidney Int Suppl, 1999; 73: S85-8)* follow the ketogenic diet, which works for epileptics, but has a deliberately acidifying effect * are even mildly lactose-intolerant, as dairy products can cause lactic acidosis (Rose BD, Post TW

FEATURE Metformin: the drug of choice?

October 2001 (Vol. 12 Issue 7) /

For many people with type 2 diabetes, the drug of choice is likely to be metformin (Glucophage), the only available member of the biguanide family

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