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April 2018 (Vol. 3 Issue 2)

Searching for help/resources to solve on-going health problems (sleep,energy,ibs etc)

29 Jan 2018 @ 23:17PM

Harry, you have NO hope. If you email me, I will send you what you need to fix all this mess.

23 Jan 2018 @ 15:26PM

Hello Harry,

James from colorado again.... got some word from my daughter to pass along. I hope something here is a spark for your quest....

This person has to find the root cause of his illness which is what I had to do. Lyme? Mold in home or workplace? Dental infections from root canals or extractions? Heavy metal toxicity from Mercury fillings? Parasites? Toxic exposure to chemicals or natural gas leaks and n the home? Apple cider vinegar taken in a glass of water is great for acid reflux. Also look into natural ways to get the lymph system moving such as drinking lemon water, jumping on mini trampoline, etc. Foods to eliminate are all processed foods, dairy, eggs, sugar, soy.

22 Jan 2018 @ 13:14PM

Hello Harry,

I am a fellow WDDTY subscriber in Colorado just looking in places like this forum for answers to my particular set of symptoms. Mine are very different than yours. My focus is on leg muscle weakness and hip joint pain and immobility. I have a 43 year old daughter who could match up your very concise listing of symptoms. She has endured many different naturopathic forms of treatment. One such therapy that I witnessed with her was the administering of intravenous Vitamin C. My witnessing amounted to being her driver to the naturopathic doctor's office. This was owing to the fact that she was so fatigued on rising from very unrestful sleep that she could not drive herself. I watched as she took the few steps from our vehicle to the office door and then waited the 35 to 45 minutes for her to return. Each time she emerged from the doctors door, I could see that she was visibly improved in energy and expressed feeling much better.

So, while you may have already traveled this route, I wanted to convey to you that your posting here had reached someone. I plan to share your entry with my daughter. Her longtime experience has led her to other trials with diet ( gluten & sugar ), supplements, essential oils, and dental care. Your personal account sounds so similar and yet I have observed that there are so many variants within each of us, A book I am currently trying to get completed speaks of the variations in all life in the universe and focuses on the heart, heart disease in other words. "Human Heart Cosmic Heart" by Thomas Cowan MD. You can probably find it easily on Amazon. I mostly but books to read on screen with their Kindle Reader browser app. The book's thrust, to me is that our heart, brain and all other organs and vital systems are as interconnected as the circuits on a computer system board. The doctors approach to treatment is unique and the reading is not too awfully unorthodox.

Hopes and Prayers for your good health,

James ( son of an Englishman, Liverpool )



8 Jan 2018 @ 15:34PM

Hi Harry
The most common nutritional deficiency states are vitamin d3 and magnesium.
In most cases 142 iu Vitamin D3 daily for each kilogram you weigh, (or 64iu daily Vitamin D3 per pound of bodyweight) for 12 weeks should be sufficient to raise 25(OH)D above 125nmol/l.
If you want to check 25(OH)D you can do so from "City Assays The Vitamin D Test". However if funds are short a test after 12 weeks will show if you have reached 125nmol/l and can safely reduce to a daily intake around 46 iu for each pund you weigh or 100iu daily for each kilogram.
Most people in the UK require in the region of 400mg magnesium daily in addition to the magnesium in diet.
I find it easiest to drink magnesium rich water. Making magnesium biocarbonate water is very easy. Affibers have a magnesium bicarbonate water recipe online but there are several similar options on you tube. Because Magnesium biocarbonate is alkaline it may help the acid reflux. However it's also easy to add a quarter teaspoon (100mg magnesium) magnesium citrate to each coffee/tea/drinking chocolate and half a teaspoon to a bottle of sparking water. This should help the constipation.
You will probably find that keeping 25(OH)D above 125nmol/l 50ng/ml improves lung function.
Eliminating grains from your diet and reducing refined carbohydrates and sugars/fructose and consuming a lower carbohydrate ketogenic diet will probably clear up the other issues.
Be Well
Ted Hutchinson

26 Dec 2017 @ 11:44AM

Hi everyone,

My dear mother signed me up to this site as she is obviously hoping I might be able to find some sanctuary on here in the form of advice and solutions to my on-going health saga, which started mainly in my mid twenties.

I'm a 33 year old male that was admitted to A&E for the first time at 26, with atrial fibrillation (AF) with my last event happening at 28 after 6 times. Prior to this as a teenager I suffered from severe acid reflux (GERD) and had on operation to tighten the valve on my stomach, this went wrong and in the process my splean was removed.

Prior to being diagnosed with AF, I was experiencing bad reactions to caffeine, dizziness, nausea, and high levels of anxiety in stressful situations. I was not very spiritual at the time, and practised little meditation practices to manage my stress levels. I had a very toxic relationship and a baby on the way - i was low and felt to be honest I had crashed as low as I could go. Despite this, I managed to maintain a more then reasonable performance at work and kept going despite my issues. I binned the caffeine altogether and switched to decaff or none at all, but despite feeling destroyed every day and anxious at work I kept going. I also developed an over active thyroid and at one point was taking medication to control my heart rate, thyroid and acid reflux as this had come back again years later.

I decided at 27 that my life had to change, so I ended my toxic relationship a year after my son was born and started what I call the "journey of recovery". I have spent the last 6 years slowly re-building my life. I have developed spiritually and regularly meditate, and improved my lifestyle significantly.. I improved my routine and practices to improve and enhance my physical and mental well-being... with exercise daily, and getting to bed early, eating healthier food, I quit smoking and am now in a healthy relationship for the last 4 and a half years.

In short, I do feel better now in a lot of ways, however even after fixing a lot of errors in my ways and practicing regular routines to improve my life, even now I still feel most days like a piece of crap and struggle with waking up refreshed in the morning. I'm literally dragging myself out of bed and suffer with periods of chronic constipation, tiredness, restless sleep etc.

I no longer suffer from AF, and have stopped taking acid reflux medication since changing my diet to a gluten free one, and making my own probiotics using water kefir over a period of time. However, the tiredness game still goes on and I feel it is holding me back. Despite seemingly to do everything right even over a long period of time, I still cant seem to crack the puzzle of having what would seem a refreshing 7 to 8 hours of sleep per night and wake up when the alarm goes off with a spring in my step. In fact, its like playing russian roulette, some days i'm better than others, but the majority of time without anything to get me out of bed, thats where I will stay as long as possible. And its not me being depressed or anything like that, I physically cannot do it. I've tried forcing myself to get up earlier and all sorts, meditating in the morning and doing certain things but I'm just so tired I cannot muster the energy up.

A discovered a few months previous that I was moving a lot in bed, and my fitbit type watch told me that there was movement going on. At one point (before cutting out gluten) I was barely getting any sleep per night and my new fiancee was going insane with me! I went to the sleep clinic at the hospital and they monitored me overnight, and diagnosed me with ropinorole to treat the nervous condition causing it. I decided this was not for me and after some research on the internet led me to inflammation being the cause, usually to do with your gut (food intake).

Cutting out the gluten did seem to help and the movement in my sleep is a lot less, but I'm still not there with it. I've had a hair test done which confirmed gluten being an issue amongst other things, but not sure on how accurate this is. I still suffer from IBS (constipation) and am convinced that what I am eating is the last piece in the puzzle.

I do live a challenging life, thats because I am a driven and aspirational person. Sitting around doing nothing I find difficult to do, and taking time off with stress is never an option for me. Over the last few years I've enhanced spiritually and manage my stress better than most of the people in this country and beyond I am sure, but I still feel there has been something ever since a child causing me to suffer and have over amplified symptoms such as stress and anxiety more so than the normal person, My quality of sleep would sort of back this theory up as if I have not been sleeping well without realising then no wonder I'm stressed and not able to take on the world!

I'm convinced I have intolerances to something and this is disrupting my sleep and quality of life (the stomach is linked to the brain), but I'm keen to find out on here after sharing my story if anyone can suggest any other ways, methods, diets, tests, people to see that may be able to help me crack the "da vinci code" to being that person I've always wanted to be - not this moody, tired one that has to cope with feeling like crap throughout his life and live on the basis of how I feel any given day despite doing everything possible to prevent it.

To summarise on my symptoms...

- Tiredness/Energy

- Brain fog (some days worse than others)

- Sleep quality - movement, eye rubbing, high light versus REM and deep

- Constipation (sometimes days without going, comes and goes in batches) Not even figs/physillium husk can do anything.

- acid reflux - (more with certain foods)

- Wheezy lungs (prolonged cough after cold/flu) for months)

- Dizziness (depends on how good a nights sleep I have had) swaying feeling

- Nausea (reaction to caffeine in particular, chocoloate etc)

- Gluten/Buckwheat intolerance

- Potatoes/Carbs feeling rubbish next day

I hope this makes sense and I've explained myself well and if anyone can provide any advice I would appreciate it.

Kindest regards


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