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February 2018 (Vol. 28 Issue 11)

A Fib.



8 Jan 2018 @ 15:50PM

Increasing magnesium intake may help. A simple method is to drink magnesium bicaronate water. If you search online for Affibers magnesium bicarbonate water recipe you should find several examples of how to make it.
You can also make a magnesium rich water by adding a quarter teaspoon of magnesium citrate powder tea/coffee/drinking chocolate or a half teapoon in a bottle of sparkling water. (take a gloss of water out of the bottle first and be ready to get the top back on quickly.
It also makes sense to improve your omega 3 omega omega 6 ratio.
Most of use consume too much omega 6 and insufficient omega 3. while it's possible to increase consumption of fish oil it's more sense to reduce omega 6 intake at the same time. Using coconut oil or olive oil as your main cooking oils will help and avoiding everything with sunflower, corn, soy cottonseed, canola etc industrially processed seed/grain oils will have the greatest effect.



8 Jan 2018 @ 15:17PM

Are you taking any natural supplement?

6 Dec 2017 @ 18:21PM

Any ideas on how to manage AF naturally with no nasty blood thinners and other pills? Very grateful for all replies. Many thanks.

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