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February 2018 (Vol. 28 Issue 11)

Primary hyperparathyroidism

15 Nov 2016 @ 18:32PM

What has helped me is to avoid fluoride in my water and toothpaste at all times. I also take a food based calcium but also take it with Vit K2. I have also been told to take Vit D3. I have had to increase the levels of D two times to make it to the normal range.



28 Jun 2016 @ 16:03PM

Hello. Well, after being told earlier this year that my calcium levels were low, three months later new blood work revealed that I have high calcium levels in my blood. Further investigations and tests came back with the condition Primary Hyperparathyroidism. It appears that as it was at quite a low level my body started leaching if from my bones (or so I've been told). Is there any way, apart from surgery, to correct this condition? I've been diary and gluten free for some 18 years since being told I had MS. Though I take a multi, I don't take a calcium supplement due to all the concerns surrounding it. I'm now 52 and feeling a tad lost as to what to do. The only time I've had surgery resulted in such a negative outcome that it's impacted my life ever since. Thank you for your help and your insight. I appreciate it.

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