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May 2019 (Vol. 4 Issue 3)

questions about vaccinations for green card application



12 Oct 2015 @ 04:39AM


I think you have just this year to still claim a philosophical exemption- at least for kids to go to school..

Check if they will allow you to give proof of vaccination status with blood titers, of the specific ones they are testing for. Sometimes families who have not vaccinated find out they have antibodies and didn't even realize it. Hopefully that will take off a few at least. Some vaccines can't be combined with others. And some vaccines can't be separated and taken as a single dose, like the MMR- which sometimes will also include Varicella in the same combination vial. And contrary to popular belief- the pediatric dose for babies and children under 7- especially DTaP actually has a much higher dose than the adult dose. The vaccination business does not have a lot of options, so it would be difficult to shop around- the government says it's all comparable and doesn't recommend one over the other.

There is some information out there for "vaccine detox". Chelation Therapy. And a quick google search will come up with specific preparation for each different vaccine, in order to stabilize your body and lessen the damage from the heavy metal and neurotoxicity overload.

Some reputable sites are Kelly Brogan MD, Susan Humphries MD, Russell Blaylock MD- and of course Andrew Wakefield MD (in my opinion- he should still be practicing medicine and given his licensure back. 1 study was retracted out of the many ground breaking studies he has contributed to that hasn't. Funny though, even the 1 retracted study is constantly referenced as if it was never retracted- because there's more truth to it than what we've been led to believe. Especially in light of the medical community now having to agree with him that there is a distinct brain gut connection and a distinct characteristic of bowel disease and autism).

Those sites may be able to give specific supplements for your situation- if I can find my way back here I will post what I can find as well.

I'm sure it's: MMR, Varicella, Hep B, Tdap, and likely a TB test called a PPD-

PPD is not a vaccine, but does inject a small amount just under the very top layer of skin, enough to form a bubble. Then 72hrs later, they look at the site inspecting for a reaction- if the site becomes swollen or larger, if it measures over a certain millimeter, it's considered positive, which just indicates you've come into contact with it at some point in your life and if you are assymptomatic, it is just lying dormant. The U.S. Health Dept would then be called and will require an immediate Blood Work to look for TB- (Gold Test), as well as chest x-Ray to rule out active pulmonary infection. If the chest x-Ray can't rule out an active infection- maybe there's a shadow or something else it could be-Then they will require you to produce 3 negative sputum samples. Any person with a positive PPD, the U.S. Health Dept will give prophylactic prescription that will be closely monitored for at least 6 mo, (longer and more aggressive drug treatment if active infection confirmed- vs dormant), for compliance and tolerance to the drugs and will check your blood work for common problems associated with treatment like liver failure.

After that, Chest X-rays periodically- usually required by employers or school. Kindly remind that yearly is too excessive, unless you have symptoms suggestive of infection- weight loss, night sweats, coughing up blood..



9 Oct 2015 @ 09:46AM

Congratulations on being able to avoid the vaccines till date. I can't tell you about the loopholes, but i will help you with the safeguards.

1. Never take any vaccine when your body is fighting against any kind of infections. Your body is already fighting infections which may have weakened the immune system. They may not be able to fight and kill the virus/bacteria being fed in the name of vaccines. Give some time to the body to recover.

2. Never take multiple vaccines in 1 go. Let the body fight against one enemy at a time.

3. The time gap when the doctor takes the vaccine out of the refrigerator and deliver inside the body should be minimum. They are kept inactive at sub zero temperatures. At room temperature, the viruses may multiply rapidly and may become life threatening.

4. Electro homeopathy medicines S1, S10, GE and Ver can help keep the body safe. Other alternative medicines may also work, some other practitioners may be able to tell you.

5. Have plenty of water ( 4 - 5 liters of water daily). Water is one of the best medicine given by nature. A clean body will not give these viruses and bacteria the ground necessary for breeding.



7 Oct 2015 @ 08:22AM

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My family is British and living in California. For our children to stay here beyond the end of their education, we have to have green cards. To get green cards, we have to have a slew of vaccinations (up to 10!). We've managed to avoid vaccinating so far, but SB277's despotic denial of personal belief exemption means that we can't avoid it any more. I'd be very grateful for some help with the process. We have two children, aged 16 and 14; my husband and I are 55 and 48. Here are my questions:

- - Are there any loopholes we can use to avoid vaccinating?

- - I'm working on medical exemptions for my children, but won't be able to get blanket, all-vaccination exemptions. Assuming they'll have to have some vaccinations, which ones should we definitely avoid, and which aren't so bad?

- - How far apart should we space the vaccinations to avoid compromising our immune systems?

- - Would tiny doses of vaccinations be safe or, like homeopathic remedies, are smaller doses more potent?

- - Are some brands of vaccine better than others?

- - Which alternative therapy antidotes would help our bodies deal with the vaccinations that we probably won't be able to avoid having?

- - What other strategies are available that I haven't thought of?

Thank you for any help you can give me.

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