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February 2018 (Vol. 28 Issue 11)




19 Oct 2014 @ 01:04AM

hopefully you have since found an answer because i also have tinnitus so if you have had success please let me know what you tried thankyou -))


12 Sep 2014 @ 05:23AM

Thanks for the replies, although I take exception to the inference of 'blind faith'. I am extremely clinical in diagnosing my tinnitis as well as many other health concerns I have. Clonazepam is not klonipin, it is a derivative of valium related drugs and I take it for a leg twitch disorder, (not restless leg), and I expect it has some evil side effects, but if not for it, I would be kicking my husband out of bed in my sleep, with no knowledge of it.

I take only RX drugs as absoulutely needed, and cholestrol meds are prophylactic for arterial stenosis, though my cholestrol level are fine, thank you.

I take magnesium, calcium and D3, and a variety of researched and hand selected supplements.

If anyone knows of any 'real' cures for tinnitis, I welcome the opportunity to explore.



17 Aug 2014 @ 08:43AM

Want some expert opinion on the value of Magnesium then I have a superb advisor who has ben in the natural area for over 40 years. Your Health and Wellness in the Future



17 Aug 2014 @ 08:39AM

Personal research is the way forward as most UK doctors don't get involved in talking about natural plant derived natural remedies etc. The reason is simple the are trained in health management not health prevention. So many haven't got the knowledge in natural supplements etc.

Your Health and Wellness in the Future

PS: I have a superb natural health advisor who has been studying for 40/50 years. More details on request.



18 Jun 2014 @ 01:56AM

Doctors have been recommending 1500 mg. I would keep it below 750 and experiment from there.

I have more severe magnesium depletion problem.

I use calcium (600mg) / d3 / magnesium (340mg) with food. I also take highly absorption 100mg magnesium glycinate on empty stomach at night if I think I need it. I use it for restless leg syndrome. Works well for me.

One thing that helps remove calcium from arteries and distribute calcium in your body to proper place is vitamin K2 MK7 and D3 but be aware that K2 is an anticoagulant so have to be careful if one has heart disease.



17 Jun 2014 @ 16:47PM

too much calcium is bad.

As a general rule, for a person having mild symptoms of magnesium deficiency, and wishing to supplement with both minerals, what would you consider "too much calcium"? Thanx.



2 May 2014 @ 04:11AM

You do know that Klonopin has tinnitis as a side effect. It is also toxic to your system.

Rx drugs in general should be avoided. They should be replaced by natural cures. Thyroid medication is probably acceptable.

For the ear infection problems, there are videos on the internet that show you how to drain your lymph glands in that area. It's fairly simple and quick. Before that I used hydrogen peroxide in the ear.

Whenever I see people on cholesterol drugs, I can tell they have blind faith in doctors and the health system. I can also tell they haven't lifted a finger to become informed. Too many are too brainwashed to help. You need to decide to wake up first or else risk getting more damaged. Hope they didn't remove your tonsils. Most surgery done by health system is unnecessary. The body can heal itself in most cases if it gets the right natural cures.

Use magnesium glycinate (doesn't cause diarrhea) for bruxism.I grind my teeth if my magnesium runs low. You should take a good cal-mag-D3 supplement also. too much calcium is bad.


1 May 2014 @ 19:13PM

I have suffered from ringing in my ears my whole life, since experiencing frequent otitis and tonsillitis as a young child, chronic bruxism, TMJ surgery, and impacted wisdom teeth. I am now 60; I have been exploring 'cures' for years, but have found nothing that provides relief. I take only 3 RX drugs, thyroid, cholesterol and clonazepam, many supplements including aspirin (81 mg) - which is the only supplement that 'may cause' ringing in the ears, of those I take.

Anyone with any help or suggestions, please post! Has anyone had any relief from acupuncture?

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