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February 2018 (Vol. 28 Issue 11)

investigating very high IgE levels



5 Apr 2014 @ 02:16AM

Good point about parasitic infection could also be a cause. There are very few doctors who truly look for hidden causes. You may luck out and find that rare one but the reality for too many people is that they have to become the medical detectives themselves. Sometimes tests can help diagnose things but for chronic conditions, the real underlying causes are not sought after by medical doctors expecially conventional. The medical system is set up to keep people sick. Most diagnostic tests are usually worthless. If her history includes travel to foreign countries then you could have some clues.

The best way I found for treating was just doing the anti-fungal, anti-parasitic or whatever treatment yourself. If something is not working then move on to the next. you don't need a doctor for this. you have the internet. when something is working then you will be closer to understanding what is going on. If something works, the doctors becomes irrelevant.

For anti-parasitic treatment, i would suggest alpha pinene. it comes from pine needles. this can be bought in hardware stores. make sure it is all natural kind - Gum Turpentine.

Gum Turpentine (16 oz) 473 ml Can About Gum Turpentine Natural Pigments Spirits of Gum Turpentine is obtained by the distillation of sap tapped ...

some people get scared but there is information and videos on the internet. farmers use this all the time for their families since they imbibe all sorts of parasites. i have even taken it. some people who can't get natural kind will use kerosene but it is more dirty. I even took borax to cure my rheumatoid arthritis. It works for 70% of RA but most people simply won't try it unless the doctor okays - so they stay crippled the rest of their lives.



4 Apr 2014 @ 18:59PM

She has had various health problems, some long term. From what I can gather they haven't even excluded parasitic infection which is a cause of high IgE. After thinking about this for a couple of days I think the only way forward is for her to see someone who will take a step back and look at her whole history and not just react to individual symptoms.


1 Apr 2014 @ 22:59PM

I would suspect some type of infection. Doctors usually ignore fungal infections even if you bring it up to them.

Health Conditions that are usually fungal infections are asthma, bronchitis, copd, sinusitis

Has person taken broad spectrum antibiotics in past

What other health conditions do they have



1 Apr 2014 @ 14:07PM

My daughter-in-law is early 20's and has suffered from allergy symptoms for about 8 years. Specialist skin testing for various allergies a couple of years ago proved inconclusive but her recent blood tests show her IgE level is around 5000. The illness is having a massive impact on her daily life. A specialist has offered the option of cytotoxic drugs to knock down her immune system but that seems to be more about treating the symptom rather that getting to the root of the problem. I think she probably needs to see someone who can take a holistic view of her and get to the bottom of this - any recommendations about who would be the best person to see?


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